Online Poker Games

Perhaps no other game has caught the attention of poker players worldwide than Texas Hold Em. Due to the World Series of Poker on TV, poker players began their careers online at well-known poker sites and advanced to the main tables in these events. But this popular poker game is just one of the many poker games you can play online. Let’s take a look at the variety of poker games available online, beginning with the most popular.

  1. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is featured in three ways: limit, no limit, and pot limit. Today you can find hundreds of Texas Hold’Em games at various poker sites.
  2. 5-Card Draw is a poker game you most likely played for fun with family and friends. Now, you can play for real money online.
  3. There are two versions of Omaha: Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo. Based on the popular Texas Hold ‘Em, these games consist of a 6 or 9-handed table with the blinds the same as those in Hold ‘Em.
  4. There are also two versions of Stud: Stud Hi and Stud Hi/Lo. The difference between the two is that the former is played with 8 players at a table with five betting rounds; whereas the latter consists of a split pot between the holder of the highest hand and the holder of the lowest hand.
  5. Badugi is a variant of draw poker and to win, you need to make the lowest hand possible with the four cards you are dealt.
  6. Razz is another variant of Badugi, only this time you need to make the lowest hand with 5 cards out of the seven you are dealt.

It doesn’t matter what type of poker game you enjoy the most. Just knowing that you have multiple choices online is the number one reason why poker has become one of the most highly regarded and most played online casino games in the world.