US Gambling Sites

Players in the US can often find it challenging to find sites they can trust or can even legally play within when it comes to online gambling. The good news is, there are several very trustworthy online casinos that are well worth any US player’s time and energy. The best sites have strong reputations, have been in business at least ten years, offer great new player promotions, and offer US market speedy withdrawals. Below you will find information on these sites, as well as tricks and tips on how to keep yourself legit, while still enjoying online gambling in the US.

The Best Of The Best US Gambling Sites

While this list is certainly not conclusive, there are a few top runners in the online US gambling arena that are worthy of a mention.

Sportsbetting is a premier site that many US players choose to use when it comes to their online gambling desires. They’ve been in business for over 15 years, have a flawless reputation, and offer a 75% match deposit bonus of up to $1,000.

BetOnline Casino has also been in business for over 10 years, with a stellar reputation. They offer various bonuses and promotions, with the current bonus offering sitting at a 50% match deposit bonus of up to $2,500.

Bovada Casino is a fan favorite and is likely the most popular choice for most US online gamers and gamblers. They offer incredible deposit and payout options, a great reputation, and generous bonuses and promotions.

GTBets Casino accepts US players and comes with a great support staff and an excellent reputation. They are currently offering a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $1,000.

Wild Casino is a new casino and while it was mentioned that the best US casinos online should have a lengthy time of operation, this one is an exception. This casino offers a huge array of games and a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $5,000.

Why Is Bovada Casino The Most Popular For US Players?

1. Fast Payouts: One of the more appealing things Bovada Casino offers is the opportunity to get quick payouts. Although they have 10 times as much traffic as other online casinos that accept US players, they still manage to get payouts done quicker than anyone else. Bovada can process a check withdrawal in seven days, with their competitors often taking weeks or a month. 2. Customer Support: US players expect immaculate customer support experiences and Bovada Casino provides just that. The support offered is a direct showing that Bovada Casino respects each and every player who chooses to become a member. 3. Convenience: Bovada Casino is an all-in-one casino, which means it offers members the chance to utilize the casino, poker games, sportsbooks, and racebooks. Players who enjoy multiple forms on online betting can do all they want to do, with one site at Bovada Casino.

Alternative Methods & Options For Sports Bettors

US players who are more interested in sports betting do have other options, as well. As far as sports betting goes, 5Dimes is likely the best option for those in the US. They offer less of a house edge and are extremely professional. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, as well.

Is It Legal For People In The US To Bet Online?

By law, states have the right to create and regulate their own gambling laws and regulations. In fact, the definition of “gambling” can even vary from state to state.

Many forms of gambling have been legalized in states like Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada. Other states are likely to see online gambling for real money as being illegal activities.

When it comes to federal law, sports betting is the only overall prohibited gambling act and this is due to the Wire Act of 1961. While it was once said that this act applied to all gambling, in 2011 it was clarified that the Wire Act of 1961 only applied to sports betting.

History has proven that it’s unlikely players will get into trouble if they engage in online gambling. However, that being said, it still could be seen as illegal. It’s advisable to contact an attorney in your area that specializes in gambling law in order to get a clearer picture of what is legal or illegal in your state.

Legal Issues Associated With Online US Gambling Sites

Most of the legal issues associated with online US gambling has historically fallen onto the online casino operators and not the players. When UIGEA happened and PokerStars, and Party Poker closed their doors to the US market, many players became very concerned. One of the biggest concerns is the fact that players were worried if a site shuts down the player would never see their money again. This is a legitimate concern, as there are also dishonest sites out there that will do just that. For example, Lock Poker may still owe members over $15 million.

To try to protect their citizens, lawmakers have tried to disallow unlicensed sites to offer online gambling to US players.

Moving Money In Regards To US Gambling Sites

When the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) became a law, it brought with it the challenge for US players to find secure deposit methods. Credit card deposits remain one of the only and most secure methods for depositing funds for online gaming. To use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, customers must be sure their cards are eligible for both international and online transferring.

Can US Players Use Money Transfer Services To Make Online Gambling Deposits?

Another method sometimes used is Western Union, which is a money transfer service. Often players choose this option if their credit card transaction won’t go through. Certain banks will not allow their credit cards to be used for any gambling transactions, such as Bank of America. Banks have a right to decline any transfers marked with specific codes that have even the slightest opportunity of violating any UIGEA laws.

It’s also sometimes better to use money transfer services when you want to get a faster cashout. They can cost more, but the cashout is usually much faster to receive. There are a few sites that are still offering check cashouts, but many players would rather not deal with this because they can have a problem getting it cashed at their bank. With a money transfer services, you can go to the company’s website and fill out all information. Then, you can pick up your cashout when it arrives at the transfer location.

Choosing To Use A Credit Card/Check Combo With US Gambling Sites

A simple way to do this is to use a credit card to enter information online to get instant access to your bankroll within the casino. Then when you are done playing, simply order a check cashout.

US Gambling Sites That Are State Licensed

Again, Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey have made some formats of online gambling legal. Delaware began with legalizing online poker only, but has since legalized online casino games, as well. Nevada continues to offer online poker only and New Jersey offers both online poker and casino games.

To clarify once more, there are no US states that have made online sports betting legal.

Requirements Of State Licensed US Gambling

In order to play legally under a state licensed US gambling law, you must be physically located within that state while playing. Even if you’re a citizen of Nevada, you can’t play legally while traveling outside of the state itself. Most of today’s online casino sites have automatic geo-tracker services that can tell when a person logs in from an illegal state and will shut that person out. However, this is not always 100% accurate.

How Has Online Gambling Helped US States?

One of the reasons states choose to legalize online gambling in their areas is because it has the potential to increase state revenue. New Jersey had a revenue of $11.87 million from online gaming in 2014 and $13.16 million in 2015. While this is better than nothing, they’d hoped it would exceed $1 billion.

It has been reported that Nevada’s online poker revenue has actually decreased quite a bit, with the decrease averaging around 44%.

Delaware has had the least notable revenue from allowing online gaming, but it’s also the smallest of the three states that have legalized it.

Offshore US Gambling Sites

Whenever an online casino says they accept players from the US but don’t limit that to Nevada, Delaware, or New Jersey players, they are considered an offshore gaming site. This means they have no license to operate in the US, but instead have licenses to operate within other jurisdictions like Panama, Barbuda, or Antiqua.

Many players find they have fewer hold ups when they play at these offshore sites, but there is a risk for lesser security overall. Basically, there is nothing a player could do if one of the offshore sites disappeared with their money.

One way to protect yourself in this type of situation is to be sure to research the site’s reputation. The longer has a site has been in business, the better. The fewer complaints against them, the better.

There are also great advantages to playing at offshore sites instead of state licensed US gambling sites. Offshore sites have much fewer restrictions, they need less personal information, and are focused more on succeeding, as they have much more competition.

What To Expect For The Future Of US Gambling Sites

Industry experts would still consider US gambling sites in a transitional phase. Only three states have legalized it thus far, and none have had amazing revenue results. If the ongoing geo-tracking and deposit issues are resolved, the revenue from these might increase. It would be much more beneficial if a larger state would legalize and combine player pools with other states, to create a larger poker economy. If it ever happens that online gambling was legalized all across the US, licenses would be in demand left and right. However, right now it’s more beneficial for operators to deal only with offshore sites.