Dragon Feast Slots

Dragon Feast slots stands out as there is a mystery “?” symbol that replicates other symbols to make it very easy to land winning combinations. Thanks to its help, we regularly formed five-of-a-kinds. Explore this 5-reel bonus slot and all of its special features below.

Take a Closer Look at the Payouts and Symbols

  • 10, Jack, and Queen – 1, 10, and 30 coins
  • King, Ace, and Cupcake – 2, 15, and 30 coins
  • Blue and Pink Dragons – 4, 20, and 50 coins
  • Green Dragon – 8, 30, and 70 coins
  • Purple Dragon – 10, 70, and 100 coins
  • Present Wild – 10, 70, and 100 coins

There’s also the mystery symbol that comes in clusters and randomly turns into other symbols to help form winning combinations. Sometimes, those mystery symbols also leave blue, pink, or green candies behind to feed the dragons at the top of the reels.

Candies Trigger the Free Spins Bonus Round

The Candy symbols trigger the free spins bonus round when you get three or more of them. There are three different modes, and you will get at least one of them.

  • Free Games Feast: Win 9 free spins with 1 extra spin added when there are additional Blue Candy symbols.
  • Free Games With Jackpot: Win 7 free spins with a chance to win a combination of 5 jackpots and additional candies added to the jackpots or award the jackpot.
  • Free Games With Wilds: Win 7 free spins with 15 wilds on the reels, and additional Green Candy symbols add more wilds to the reels, up to 100 wilds are possible.

Enjoy a High Hit Rate

Bets are automatically placed on all 50 paylines. Once you’ve decided how much to wager (50 cents to $125), spin the reels. You can also adjust the reel speed if you prefer a faster game.

For our 10-spin test of Dragon Feast slots, we set a $5 total bet and the hit rate blew us away. How much and how often did we win?

  • 1st spin - $10.30
  • 2nd spin - $1.40
  • 3rd spin – 20 cents
  • 6th spin - $1.20
  • 7th spin - $1.30
  • 10th spin – 10 cents

With a 60% hit rate, this game impressed. Our prizes weren’t as high as we’d like, but it was still a positive experience But, there’s a little more to the story. We kept going to trigger a bonus feature. Our 11th spin landed a $20.80 five-of-a-kind prize, and our 12th spin was another five-of-a-kind for $6.20. Try your luck and see how well you’ll do on Dragon Feast.