Surf Paradise Slots

Surf Paradise Slots gives the feel of being free and fancy free surfing the waves, if your passion is to surf, this surfing themed slot machine game, with fabulous surf theme graphics and designs, with a background of the ocean this game comes with background music of birds chirping and the soothing gushing sound of the sea. This game will get you relaxed and in the mood to enjoy some great game playing on slots while you dream what you will do with your winnings. The feel of this game is relaxed and stress free. Download Surf Paradise Slots today and get surfing on the slots.

It’s relaxed; it’s enjoyable; it’s surfing against a fantastic background

Playing slots online is terrific fun, and themed games make them even more fun as one goes on slots adventures into incredible places, Surf Paradise slots are no exception, with the paradise theme of golden beaches and terrific surf and ocean waves to sooth the savage breast. The game is simple with the emphasis on relaxation; it is a 3-reel game with one classic payline. There is a 2,000 coin jackpot that has no progressive jackpot, using the maximum of 2 coins value range of one cent up to Five Dollars.

Surf symbols are designed to keep you totally stress-free

The sun, sea and surf symbols offers you some interesting payouts, a single surfboard will pay one to two coins, two surfboards increases the odds to three or six coins. Three bars payout five or ten coins, three surfboards increase exponentially to thirty or sixty coins. The three double bars payout forty to eighty coins and Three triple bars increase to fifty or one hundred coins. Combinations of ocean waves or palm trees give you nice sixty or one hundred and twenty coins. Three Palm trees increases the odds to seventy or one hundred and forty coins, but the prize to aim for is to get three ocean waves which pays out seven hundred and fifty or the highest of two thousand coins.

The emphasis on simplicity and relaxation make this a firm favorite

You will not find any of the complicated wild or scatter symbols which are found on many slot machines, the emphasis is on simple game plan that produces good payouts. There are no bonuses or other distractions to take you from your relaxed atmosphere of sun and surf; it’s a simple straightforward game that is enjoyed by almost everyone.