Reel Poker Slots Combine Casino Favorites

Players who enjoy slot games and video poker will be excited to learn that the new slot title, Reel Poker Slots allows them to enjoy both activities in a single game. Reel Poker is slot with a full deck of cards on each of the games five reels, giving bettors 100 winning combinations on each of the game’s three paylines. Reel Poker has the added benefit that it is not required for the symbols to fall in sequential order for gamblers to win on a given payline; the only exception is that players need to land a sequential royal flush to score the progressive jackpot. With a hit rate of approximately 61 percent, this is not a game that will deal out long, dry spells with no wins; the action on these reels can be fast and furious, giving players a bit of that video poker pacing that draw gamblers to the game.

Multiple Jackpots

Reel Poker Slots boasts three jackpots that include a minor, a major and the aforementioned progressive jackpot; the major and minor jackpots must pay out before they reach $750 and $75 respectively, giving gamblers a great shot at one of the two randomly awarded jackpots. Reel Poker Slots has no bonus round, however there are randomly awarded free games that may result in a player winning up to 20 free games with a multiplier that has a maximum of 5X. Slot games and video poker are two of the most widely played games at online casinos and now Reel Poker Slots has combined the two games into one game with serious prize winning potential.

No Poker Experience Necessary

Even inexperienced players will find joy in Reel Poker Slots; with this poker game, there is no holding of cards or redeals because the winning hand is either on the payline or it isn’t, making this title a great choice for slot players with little or no experience. Additionally, the title allows them to flesh out some of the basics of the game. Reel Poker Slots is a fun and exciting hybrid of two popular casino favorites, making it into a great addition to anyone’s list of preferred games.