Peking Luck Slots

Anytime we get news of a new Pragmatic Play slot release we always get excited to play the game. We've just been treated to another release from this fast-moving company, this time in the shape of Peking Luck. That is clearly a play on words, but will it prove to be a good slot to play too?

It was released at the end of July 2018 and has already proven to be a good addition to the Pragmatic Play game catalog. The imagery and presentation are just as good as you would expect them to be. There are numerous Asian-themed icons appearing on the reels with each spin too. Expect to see masks, coins, dragon heads, and plenty more besides. You might also see a golden gong bearing the pleasing message, 'free spins'. Wouldn't that be nice to find?

You will hope to see the Pick Your Prize screen if three gongs do appear in a spin. You will see six different-colored fans, with each of them hiding a different quantity of free games to play. Once your choice is revealed, you will get to see the other quantities you could have won. Will you choose the best fan and win the most spins if you try your Peking Luck today? Whatever the outcome, you will also get to Pick Your Prize to determine the multiplier to be used during those spins. The screen we saw offered multiplier values worth between 2x and a huge 18x. We sure do hope you pick the highest one there! Those free spins could hold great promise for you in this game.