Deco Diamonds Slots

Microgaming, a leader in online slot software, is soon releasing their latest slot, Deco Diamonds. This slot offers a new and updated twisted on a very popular throwback slot theme, which many slot players still enjoy. It contains the traditional diamonds, bells, lemons, melons and plums like many traditional slots once did. However, it will add a bit of pizzazz with a glittery art deco infusion.

Deco Diamonds Slots Re-Spin Feature Increases Winning

With so many slots being released with intricate graphics and themes, Microgaming had to modernize this classic design for it to be a hit. To further modernize the standard slot theme in Deco Diamonds, the creators have added several bonus features, including a nice re-spin feature. It allows players to trigger the feature if they land the Deco Diamonds symbol on reels 2, 3 or 4. If this happens, they will get one re-spin. This allows the Deco Diamonds symbol to lock and spins the remaining reels, to give the player another chance to win big.

If a Deco Diamonds symbol lands during the initial re-spin, the feature will be retriggered. As long as the player continues to land a Deco Diamonds symbol, the feature will re-trigger.

Deco Diamonds Slots Three Tiered Bonus Wheel Feature

One of the more exciting features of this online slot game is the three tiered Bonus Wheel Feature. This feature is triggered when a player lands 3, 4 or 5 of the Deco Diamonds symbols on the reels. The tiers are related to how many are landed, with 3 symbols correlating to the Silver level, 4 symbols correlating to the Gold level, and 5 symbols correlating to the Diamond level.

The higher the level, the bigger multipliers a player can enjoy, ranging from 5x to 1000x per spin. While the game only has 5 reels and 9 paylines, this gives the opportunity for big wins. Of course, players should certainly play all paylines to have the best chance of winning in this online slot game.

Overall, Deco Diamonds Slots is a great choice for players who are new to online slot gaming or for experienced players who can appreciate a solid slot classic theme, with a slight twist. It is not overwhelming in any way for players, while also allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the bonus features that come with unlimited retriggers and large multipliers.