Golden Goal Slots

Football, known in the US as soccer, is the most popular game in the world. Golden Goal Slots gives online slot players the chance to line up the perfect shot and bring winnings directly home to the bank. Created by Play’n Go gaming group, this 3 reel progressive video online slot game is the perfect option for sports loving players who like their slots a bit simple in design. Players only have one choice on coin size, with $0.25 being the minimum bet and $0.75 being the maximum bet allowed. The design is indeed a bit traditional and retro, but there are amazing opportunities for players to win large prizes, which is what brings people back over and over again to Golden Goal Slots.

Feel Like A Pro Football Player With Golden Goal Slots Symbols

Professional football players use the game of football to make loads of cash, so why shouldn’t online slot players be able to do just the same? Players can spin their way to giant prizes while enjoying symbols like football boots, a ref whistle, goalkeeper gloves, and a golden ball.

Making The Most Of Your Wager: Golden Goal Slots

Although there is only one coin size in Golden Goal Slots, which is $0.25, players should be mindful that the way they bet on this game can be crucial to how much they bring home in prizes. Players basically have the choice to play with 1, 2, or 3 coins. While it seems extremely simple in theory, All in all, it’s always better to play with the maximum of number of coins. This is clearly more expensive, but in any online slot game it will lead to the maximum pay outs if a win is collected. For example, in Golden Goal Slots, if a player lands one golden ball and has wagered one coin, their prize will carry a 2x multiplier. But, if they’ve wagered three coins and land one golden ball they will have a win that carries a 6x multiplier. Even further, if they wager one coin and land three golden balls their prize will have an 800x multiplier. But, if they land those same three golden balls on a three coin wager, they’ll win the jackpot. As you can see, a difference in wager can greatly affect the payout outcome. Thus, wagering the maximum number of coins is quite important.