Total Overdrive Slots

There are lots of slots that pack in far more than you might think they would at first glance. We would certainly add Total Overdrive into that category. This new slot game has familiar fruity icons appearing in neon style when the game loads, so that might suggest things are going to be formulaic here. That isn't the case, though, as our full review is going to highlight for you.

Which software developer created Total Overdrive?

This is another great release from a little company known as Betsoft… ever heard of them? Yes, they might be famous for their 3D slot games, but this one shows they're equally as good at releasing exciting 2D ones.

It comes with a traditional demo format as well

This is great news, as it means you can see exactly how everything pans out, instead of just reading about it. Try before you buy!

Theme information for this new slot from Betsoft

You immediately see this is a futuristic setting. There is a city behind the reels, which you can see through, and a grid below that stretches into the distance. There are lights running around the grid too. We're not sure what those mean, but they sure do look good.

Design elements for Total Overdrive

The futuristic theme is nicely dovetailed with some neon shades, although nothing is too bright that you wouldn't want to look at it for a while. You can watch out for some fruity symbols that look like neon signs, with the usual bar symbols cropping up as well. It may not be in 3D, but this is the most 3D-like 2D game we've ever seen!

Learn the basics for the Total Overdrive slot game

As you might have guessed, this slot brings you three reels to spin. It uses a 3 x 3 format too, so there is plenty to look at with large icons appearing on each spin. The main attraction is the Overdrive Multiplier, which is seen on the right of the third reel. An upside-down triangle is there, and that has lines bobbing up and down in it (a bit like an equalizer) when the feature is activated.

The idea is that if you get a prize on a payline, the base multiplier of 1x will increase by one. If you get another prize on the next spin, it rises again. The paytable indicates it could go as high as 10x, so that is something to aim for. Get a losing spin, though, and it reverts to 1x again.

Not all three-reel slots have wild icons, but this one does. Watch out for the WILD word to appear with a triangular design around it. It substitutes for everything, but it also counts towards a three-icon prize if three wilds pop up on the same line. This delivers a 50x reward for that payline wager.

Payline quantity

You get five lines in this slot, and they are fixed, so they must all be played.

Place those bets…

With fixed lines in play here, Total Overdrive requires just one bet per spin. This could be as low as five cents, with the maximum being $10 per spin.

Check out the paytable

You can access this by selecting the info button next to the game balance information area. You'll find it under the reels. You can review the value of all the potential symbols that could crop up during play.

Is there a bonus feature available?

Yes, and it is related to the multiplier we already discussed. There is a chance, whenever the multiplier is triggered, that you could be randomly awarded a Sticky Multiplier instead. This means the multiplier seen on screen remains sticky for eight spins. Instead of a losing spin sending the multiplier back to 1x, it stays on its current value. Get another winning spin and the multiplier does increase, though. It means you've got a greater opportunity to pick up bigger prizes and possibly send that multiplier all the way to 10x too - or at least closer to it.

Free spins aren't on offer here

The big attraction is the multiplier, with no freebies on offer.

What is the RTP?

Betsoft has confirmed the game operates at a 96.92% RTP value.

What about our rating for Total Overdrive?

We like this a lot, and it represents a step up from the usual three-reel games you could play. Those who enjoy three-reel games are likely to rank this higher than those who prefer five-reel games, for sure. We think it is a good 7/10 slot.

Winners watch out!

The biggest prize potential reaches an impressive 1,450x your wager in this game. We guess that would involve the biggest multiplier too.

Play the demo first

This is the best way to see more detail and to figure out if this is the kind of three-reel game you would like to try for real.

Play for real at just five cents a pop

You'd get 20 spins out of every dollar you have in your budget, which means Total Overdrive is likely to be a popular game among the lower-budget bettors around.

Mobile possibilities available too

Yep, you can enjoy some great mobile gaming courtesy of Betsoft, as they have released this game on Android and iOS platforms along with desktop.