Kawaii Kitty Slots: How Does 50,000 Credits Sound?

Doesn't 50k sound like an awesome payout? Play Kawaii Kitty slots and you'll find yourself purring with happiness, just as the adorable kitten does. There's a potential payout of 50,000 credits, but even the smaller prizes offer substantial rewards. Bet up to 10 coins per line, and risk a penny to $1 per coin.

Check the Payout Potential

From cans of tuna (50 to 250 credits) to the toy mouse (100 to 600 credits), payouts on the lower end of the paytable are far more generous than many online slot games. The upper tier symbols offer substantial prizes ranging from 250 to 1,200 for the brush to 500 to 2,500 for the carton of milk.

After winning any prize during the normal game, click double up and try to increase your winnings. Double up brings you to a new screen with a gold coin. Game half of your winnings or the entire amount. Simply choose how much you want to risk and then pick heads or tails. With a correct guess, your winnings double. Collect the prize or try again for an even larger win.

Toss a Ball of Yarn and Watch the Magic Happen

When the second, third, or fourth reel stops and reveals a ball of yarn, get ready for a pretty wild bonus. The wild ball of yarn expands to fill the entire reel, and you get a free spin with the wild frozen in place. It's a quick way to win thousands.

One feature really makes Kawaii Kitty slots stand out. As the reels stop with each spin, winning combinations go from both left to right and right to left. You have double the potential to form a winning payline thanks to this unique feature. Play Kawaii Kitty slots now and watch your winnings pile up.

Find Kawaii Kitty slots at your favorite Betsoft casino. The 3D graphics, realistic sound effects and potential prizes make this a game that puts an enormous grin on your face every time you play.