Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

That is the question, isn't it? And since this slot game features both girls, you can see why lots of players are enjoying everything it provides.

If you like slot games that are more challenging to play, and have more complex rules, this slot will fit the bill for you. Will you get some good prizes when you play, and will those girls help or hinder your progress?

Format of reels and paylines

You have 15 win lines to try and get some prizes on, and these are formatted over five reels.

Coin values available to use in Good Girl Bad Girl slots

You can bet in three modes, from good to bad and both. If you try both, you will bet 30 coins per spin on the 15 lines instead of 15 in a single mode. The game also permits a maximum of five coins on each line. Choose a coin between two cents and a half-dollar each time, as well.

Special symbols used in this online slot game

Look for two wilds in this slot. The pitchfork appears on reels three, four and five. The halo appears on reels one, two and three. Halos bring a 2x multiplier if involved in prizes and pitchforks up that to 4x.

If you get a pitchfork next to a halo on the reels, you trigger a Click Me bonus. Here, you'll see four boxes. Choose the first and see if you get a prize or the collect message. You can choose more so long as you avoid collect!

Are there any bonus features in Good Girl Bad Girl?

How about playing another bonus involving the Money Wheel? There are two jackpots in the game, and as you might expect, they are Good and Bad! The feature is capable of triggering free spins, instant credit prizes and perhaps even one of the jackpots. You never know what your luck - good or bad - might land you on this wheel!

Download and play Good Girl Bad Girl slots today!

This game is well-developed and the good versus bad theme crops up over and over again when you play it. This makes it more unusual and it is a pleasant game to play for longer periods too. If you have yet to try Good Girl Bad Girl, perhaps now is the time to try it for size to see if you can win…