Betsoft’s Exciting New Game - 4 Seasons Slots

The Chinese New Year is always an auspicious time, the Chinese believe that it brings wealth and happiness. BetSoft has launched this new game just in time for the Chinese New year, by using the Chinese Zodiac sign as the basis of the game. The graphics are cartoonised 5x3 grid That has an ever changing backdrop, which changes with the seasons. Five reels spinning and players betting options are on thirty paylines, this also means there are plenty of opportunities for winning.

All the ranges of players have been catered to and wagering begins at 0.02 to 1 per betting line, the play platform is sufficiently varied for all players to enjoy from Desktop through to mobile devices.

What Will be Revealed on the Reels?

The signs of the Chinese zodiac are interestingly represented by twelve different cartoon animals, look out for the tiger, A rat, a rabbit, an ox, a cute dragon,an adorable snake, a goat, a rooster, a dog, a horse, and a pig. The animations are fantastic, each animal is a very cute critter, they all have large wide eyes, largish ears and every one of them smiling features, each critter is designed to delight the heart. Besides the 12 zodiac symbols there is also the golden Yin and Yang symbol and a golden cat.

Highest paying symbols rotates

A very interesting feature which I found fascinating, is a Zodiac wheel found in the lower left area of the game, and every thirty spins it will rotate to an new animal. Whatever animals is selected the golden animal will pay 10x and the animal that is directly left and right will change to silver paying 5x. The three animals that are left and right of the silver animal will pay 2x. Which gives plenty of good wins.

Each time the thirty spins are over and the animal changes so does the background of the game change in rotation to the four seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. The animal symbol that is chosen becomes gold, other animals turn silver and bronze. Its not unusual to see multipliers of 10x for gold, 5x for silver and 2x for bronze

The Golden Animal will act as the wild, substituting to create the wins. In the Free Spin feature the calendar does not progress.

The Block wins combos

Each line that wins goes through a solid winning vertical block (all of the three rows) and at least two reels across, this includes the wild symbol, are multiplied depending on the block size. Should the paying line go through more than a separate block then both of the multipliers will apply together.

  • 2 reel 2x block combo,
  • 3 reel 3x block combo
  • 4 reel 5x block combo
  • 5 reel 10x block combo.
  • More stacked symbols - huge multipliers.

Wilds and Scatters

The Golden wild cat is very generous and will pay 5x or 10,000.

The Yin and Yang symbol appearing anywhere will trigger the free spins feature. For each 3x scatter symbols gives 8 free spins. 4x scatters symbols gives 12 free spins and 5x scatters gives 20 free spins.

This game is high addictive, as each action unfolds you will be glued to your seat watching it happen.