Banana Jones Slots

RealTime Gaming is soon releasing their newest online slot game, Banana Jones Slots. This slot games takes players into a jungle full of hidden prizes and mysterious secrets. Players go on a wild adventure into the ancient lands, where the temple protects the Crystal Banana. Banana Jones is the game’s main character and he leads players toward the temple, helping them collect symbols and prizes.

A Unique Way To Play Slots: Banana Jones Slots

Banana Jones Slots gives players an interesting new way to play online slots. The game is actually played with two dice. Players throw the dice and each time the dice are thrown, the outcome will be from 2 to 12. The character of Banana Jones then moves across the map in correspondence with the number rolled. If players get lucky and land on the end of a vine, Banana Jones will climb to the top and even more ahead.

Symbols & Payouts For Banana Jones Slots

While Banana Jones Slots isn’t played like a traditional online slot game, there is a pay table. Diamonds, snakes, and vines are valuable for players to collect along the map path. The more symbols a player collects, the more chances the players have to fill up the counter on the left side of the screen, which leads to payouts. Players need to collect a specific amount of each symbol to get a payout. For example, if they collect five diamonds or 3 vines, they’ll get a prize and the counter will reset. There is no progressive jackpot, which may deter some players from trying this online slot game. However, there is a top multiplier of 2,565x which can in essence bring players more money than a jackpot might in any case.

Bonus Games Make All The Difference In Banana Jones Slots

While the game itself is quite exciting, Banana Jones Slots offers too thrilling bonus features that really make the game stand out from the rest in the industry. The Treasure Wheel Feature and the Crystal Banana Quest are two main features. They are triggered whenever the main character, Banana Jones, gets to the Treasure Wheel position and then in to the temple. When the Treasure Wheel Feature is triggered, the player gets the chance to spin the magical wheel and get a cash prize. When the Crystal Banana Feature is triggered, the player gets to pick a chest that contains a plum, apple, banana, grape, or pear. The fruit is then added to the counter.