Craps Tournaments

Slot machines are not the only games available to you online. Casinos like Liberty Slots Casino, Bovada Casino and Bodog Casino offer an array of table games online, including Craps. Whether you choose to download the software for free, play instantly at flash casinos; whether you are a US resident or live in Europe or the depths of the rain forest, if you have an internet connection you can enter the virtual casino and play your favorite table game.

Know The Game

Place you bet on the roll of the dice. Predict correctly how the dice will fall and you win. To get started, choose to bet either the Pass or the Don't Pass wager. Once you've placed you bet, roll the dice and if you roll a 7 or 11 you win whatever the Pass bet was. If you roll a 2, 3, or 12 you crap out. All the remaining numbers determine your Box Point. Roll the again and keep rolling until you hit your Box Point again, before you roll a 7.

Play 'Nice' With Others

Once you've got the hang of it, take your skills public and play against other players. This is the way Craps is meant to be played, around a virtual table with real people. What will give you an advantage over the other players is your betting strategy and knowing when to bet and when to sit back and let your opponents crap out. It's a friendly game, but all is fair at the Crap's Table.

Craps Tournaments will make the game even more exciting. These matches are growing in popularity with online gamers. The goal of a tournament is not just to beat the house, but to be the player with the most chips at the end of the game. Some online casinos will offer free entry into tournaments as part of a promotion while others will have an entry fee. Usually the entry fee feeds the pot and is then won back by the winners. In this case, the chips you play are representative of the game and not necessarily the amount you're playing for.

Once you understand the rules of the tournament, casino and game. The number of entrants will very and that will determine how much time you spend in the game and how hard it is for you to win.

Pay attention to how you will receive your prize at the end. Different tournaments have different rules. Some divide the pot between the top players while others reward only the top player.

Develop a Bet Strategy

Betting in a tournament is different from a standard game of craps. You aren't trying to beat the house, but every other player on the table. Your goal is not just to come out ahead, but to win the most cash at the end of a certain number of rolls (the standard is a hundred rolls) or a certain amount of time (the standard is an hour). Watch the other contestants, and see what they are doing and more importantly, how much they are winning. Being aware of everything going on during the tournament will give you the best chance to take the grand prize.

Now that you have the strategies to take the tournaments by storm, register for the next craps tournament.