Pixiu Slots

Arrow’s Edge development group has released Pixiu Slots, a nod to the Chinese mythical beast of the same name. Pixiu looks much like a flying lion and is said to have powers from the mystic that can bring those around it wealth. In fact, legend tells that Pixiu eats a diet of only gold, silver, and jewels. Pixiu Slots comes with a classic 3-reel design and an easy-to-use format, as well as progressive jackpots to keep things even more interesting. Players of all bankroll sizes can enjoy this online slot game due to the fact there are multiple options on wagering, allowing players to choose how many paylines they’d like to activate, as well as how many coins they’d like to wager on each of the lines. Pixiu Slots are fully optimized to allow for optimal mobile gaming, as well.

Pixiu Slots Symbols Offer Chinese Mythical Theme

To earn a payout in Pixiu Slots by Arrow’s Edge, players most often need to get at least three matching symbols. Players can expect symbols to follow the Chinese mythical theme, with icons including a green ring, a phoenix, a hawk, a blue dragon, and a red dragon. In addition, there are lower paying symbols that include playing cards of queens through aces. The highest paying symbol is the red dragon (Pixiu) which can give up to 2,000x per line bet. However, players can also get smaller pay outs by landing only one or two of these symbols, too.

Level Up Play Feature In Pixiu Slots

While the design is quite simple in the Pixiu Slot game, one of the more fascinating aspects of the game is the leveling up feature. Basically, the longer a player is playing the game, the higher the rewards go. After each 25 spins made, the player levels up (to a maximum of level 4).

This can help players activate bonus features. For instance, if a player hits three coins, which are the scatter symbols, they’ll get the chance to choose a bonus feature to activate. Players can choose from the free spins game, a bonus round game, or just a specific prize.

Players will notice the instant pay outs rising as they level up in Pixiu Slots. However, if they choose the free spins bonus they’ll get free spins in an amount that corresponds with the level they’re on when they trigger it. A level one player will get 10 free spins, with each level adding an addition 5 free spins on top of that. If the player chooses the other bonus feature, they’ll choose one of eight coins on the screen and collect the bonus of their chosen coin. The picking process will continue until the player unveils a stone behind a coin.

Mystery Jackpot In Pixiu Slots Makes Playing Even More Thrilling

Players have the opportunity to win three different progressive jackpots that are randomly rewarded. The largest jackpot is the Super Slots Jackpot and the smallest is called the Cash Grab. The Mystery Jackpot is the most unique, with a player landing it immediately as it hits $10,000.

Pixiu Slots From Arrow’s Edge Offers Modern Twist On Classic Slot Design

When it comes down to it, Pixiu Slots is a very simple format. However, to keep players from getting bored or underwhelmed by the simple design, the bonus features do a great job of providing excitement. The RTP for this online slot game is a bit higher as players level up, which is all the more reason to keep playing.