Emoji Planet Slots

Who doesn't love a fun emoji in text, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Instagram? Millions of people use emojis on a daily basis, to help them get their emotions across on social media or via texting. With over 1,000 different emojis, there is one for any feeling someone may have. NetEnt took this unique social phenomenon and created an online slot game called Emoji Planet with the emojis at the forefront. While players have likely only used emojis in communication in the past, they can now use emojis to land big online slot prizes.

Unique Theme Focuses On Online Communication: Emoji Planet Slots

Players will find emojis all over the reels and screen in Emoji Planet Slots, with bright colors and an easy to understand format. Players who are familiar with texting will likely recognize all of them. There are lower paying symbols like hearts, bombs, pizza, rockets, and lips. There are also higher paying symbols like alien faces, a face that has tears of happiness, and the poop symbol. If a player fills all of the 30 places with the tears of happiness symbol, they'll get 500x their bet.

Cluster Formatting Offers Something Unique: Emoji Planet Slots

The format of Emoji Planet Slots isn't all that standard, because it's actually a cluster pay game that is played on a 5x6 grid. There aren't traditional paylines or reels and wins can come from any place on the screen. The point of the game is to cluster together matching symbols. If there are five or more identical symbols connected to each other on the screen (touching either vertically or horizontally), payouts will be given. There is also a cascading reels feature which means that any time a player gets a win the symbols will be removed and new ones will fall onto the screen. The game continues until the winning clusters end.

Potential Bonus Features In Emoji Planet Slots

There are five bonus features a player can trigger in the modern Emoji Planet Slots. They can be a bit confusing, but once a player gets familiar with the game format itself, it will all make perfect sense.

The bomb feature will make eight random symbols blow up and players will get a prize for each of the blown up icons. The pizza feature makes a 3x3 overlay land on the screen and triggers an instant win. The kiss feature gives players three wilds on the screens that can each be used three times before they disappear. The rocket feature stacks 10 wilds on and above a column, which gives massive wins. The hearts feature offers the players a multiplier that is determined by the number of times the player has filled the heart meter.

Mobile Capability: Emoji Planet Slots

One of NetEnt's strengths is the fact that they optimize their games flawlessly for mobile play. Players can enjoy a full and non-compromised version of Emoji Planet Slots on any of their mobile devices.