Rapid Reels Slots

Microgaming brings you a very cool three reels and five pay line slot game that are filled with very traditional symbols. There are some 13 possible winning combinations. The first jackpot is worth 6,000 coins and the second one is for 4,000 coins. Play with coin values that start at a quarter and go up to five bucks a spin. There is a top wager of $25. Rapid Reels Slots is a very simple and strait forward slot machine. This slot game is perfect for all types of players including the high roller and the novice. All you need to do is hit for five of the wild symbols to get the top jackpot. Play Rapid Reels Slot game for free right from your web browser or download this game and play it for real cash!

The Rapid Reels Symbols

The wild symbol is the Rapid Reels Logo and it can be swapped for any other symbol to create more winning combinations. You will have found this symbol when you see the man with the oar in his hand. Other symbols on the reels include Sevens, Bars and Cherries. There is no scatter symbol, there is no bonus game but other aspects of the game make it barely noticeable at all.

What about the Rapids?

The theme of this slot game is that of the "rapids" which includes white water rafting. As you are pushing through the rapids this is where you're winning opportunities increase. You will rush fast and furiously over the rapids towards the piles of cash! All of this is what adds the extra layers of excitement to the game.

Hands Free Gaming

Be sure to at least consider the Auto Play option in this game. This is a convenient feature that allows hands free gaming. The great thing about this is that you do not have to sit there and be in continuous play. The machine can be set so that it delivers as many spins as you would like it to while you go off and tend to something that might need tending to. Many players really like this added feature.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Why not take off on this great water adventure and see if you can find out where the money hides and just maybe this is your day!