Game Day Slots

Game Day - well, the title points to games of some kind, but which games are we talking about?

This slot game features the ever-popular game of American football. As such, you'll see football players, the coin used for the toss, the football and the goal too. There are other symbols in play as well, so let's see what else you can expect to find.

Format of reels and paylines

This is a classic format that uses five reels and delivers 20 paylines in all.

Coin values available to use in Game Day slots

You can play the game as a penny slot title if you like, as one cent is the lowest your bet can go to. If you want to wager more money you can do that too - $10 is the ceiling amount to use per coin.

Special symbols used in this online slot game

If you find the referee, he can help you win more prizes. This is because he's the wild. He will replace most symbols but there are two exceptions. You might guess these to be the scatter and the bonus, and you'd be right, too.

The scatter is the symbol marked as such featuring arrows on where the players should go. You can win prizes with this by finding just two or more. The maximum payout for five scatters is 1,000x your bet!

Are there any bonus features in Game Day?

If you can locate three or more scatters, you'll win 15 free spins as standard, no matter how many more scatters you find. Additionally, prizes are tripled from their normal values during the spins, except for the bonus if you should win that prize.

The bonus is a pyramid-style game that is triggered through finding two or more bonus symbols on an active line. When this happens, you start at the bottom of the pyramid by choosing one of the symbols there. Find a prize and you progress to the next smaller level of the pyramid. If you fumble at any stage, the game is over and you go through to the main game again with your total prizes.

Download and play Game Day slots today!

Game Day is a good game based on American football, so if you love that sport, be sure to give it a try. It could be a winner for you.