Rain Dance Slots

While we are waiting for spring and the summer, it is a nice reminder to remember how the Old American Indian tribes used to dance for their rain. Rain Dance Slots is a 20 payline Slots game from Real Time Gaming which is rich in Indian culture and of course many ways to win. It has some unique features apart from the Progressive Jackpot which you can see on the top of the screen, making it stand out from other progressive 20 payline video slots games.

An Unusual Substitute

As with many 20 payline 5 reel video slots games, the Rain Dance Slots game also has a substitute wild symbol. In this case it is a tribal chief who only appears on reels 1 and 5. The difference with this wild chief is that he can also substitute for the scatter symbol. And any payline that has the wild chief incorporated automatically doubles the winning amount of that payline. The scatter in this Rain Dance Slots game is a howling coyote, who really does howl when he is in action. The howling coyote should be considered as the most important part of this game as all of the bonus games and free spins centre around him.

Coyote Scatter Madness

If two or more howling coyotes land anywhere on the screen then the winning payouts from that screen are automatically multiplied according to the number of coyotes that there are. Two coyotes anywhere on the screen give a multiplier of 1x, three coyotes give a multiplier of 2x, four coyotes give a multiplier of 10x and 5 coyotes give a multiplier or 100x! In addition the coyotes trigger free spins. If you land three coyotes along a payline, you win 10 free spins with a multiplier of 3, 4 coyotes gives you 15 free spins with a multiplier of 4 and 5 coyotes gives you 100 free spins with a Multiplier of 5. You can also trigger more free spins within the free spins.

The Random Progressive Jackpot

Rain Dance slots are not just about the free spins and scatters although this is without a doubt the central part of the game that not only entices but also excites the player. In addition the random progressive Jackpot is a main feature of this game but remember it is totally random and just when your luck is down and you are close to the end of your bankroll you can land the jackpot and become a number one winner where you definitely will do a rain dance. The music and animation in this modern historical game are really great with some of the symbols popping out at you when in a winning line. I can't tell you yet what happens when you win the jackpot as I haven't managed to yet, but I imagine the Indian beat music which is played throughout the game goes wild.

Auto Play Forever

Once you get the hang of this game you will not want to stop until you get that random jackpot. Thanks to the auto play feature you can set yourself targets and let the game run by itself. If you are not sure of what to do at any stage of the game then turn to the detailed help screen where you can even play a game for fun until you are comfortable enough to play the real game. What ever you choose to do, remember that this is a great game and one that is there to be enjoyed at Silver Oak Casino. Read ourSilver Oak Casino review for more information about casino bonuses and banking options.

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