Texan Tycoon Slots

The mention of Texas and tycoons might make you think of that classic TV show, Dallas. It might also make you think of oil, and rightly so. That's the theme used in this slot, and while JR is nowhere to be seen, you will see everything else you can think of that is related to the oil theme. Will that include a great payout for you as well?

Format of reels and paylines

The game provides you with 25 lines to try and win prizes on, and these are arranged over a five-reel format.

Coin values available to use in Texan Tycoon slots

Will you go for a small bet or something much bigger? It remains to be seen, but it's good to know you can use penny coins or go for the biggest bet of $5 per line.

Special symbols used in this online slot game

The tycoon had to be the wild, didn't he, and he doesn't let you down. He only shows up on the center reel, though, so don't expect him to appear everywhere. When he does appear, and helps you form a winning line, he adds a multiplier to it. This isn't a standard multiplier, though - it could be anything from x2 to x10 the bet you placed.

There is a scatter in the game, too, and this comes in the shape of an oil well, so watch out for these.

Are there any bonus features in Texan Tycoon?

Can you find at least three oil wells in the game? If so, you can win some free games. The number you get depends on the oil well you pick - you must choose one of them to see how many games are revealed. Every prize you secure during your free spins is worth three times its usual value, too, so this is a bonus worth getting into.

Download and play Texan Tycoon slots today!

There are no huge surprises in this game, but we liked the random wild feature that comes with the wild. It would be great if it appeared on more reels, but we like the added bonus when it does appear. The free games are nice too, and we think you'll enjoy the bigger prizes they can offer. Will you manage to win something when you play Texan Tycoon, and if so, what could it be worth?