Golden Lotus Slots

Take a trip to the Orient with Golden Lotus Slots . The 5-reel, 25-payline slot game offers an impressive $8,888 jackpot that automatically resets to $1,000 major jackpot and $250 minor jackpot when there is a winner. Imagine the fragrant scent of the beautiful lotus as you spin the reels and wait for the golden blooms to honor you with a winning appearance.

The legendary lotus flower is often considered to symbolize defeating the odds regardless of what they may be. The lotus flower appears delicate, but its stem is incredibly strong and hard to break by hand. Taking this into consideration, the lotus flower to a casino slot game makes sense. No matter how impossible a win may seem, the jackpot prize comes out of the blue making you glad you played.

Gain Two Jackpot Levels

Golden Lotus Slots feature two jackpot prize levels: major and minor. The major prize level is higher and always starts at $1,000 after a winner claims the prize. It increases every time someone wins the game.

The secondary prize resets at $250 and increases every time someone plays the Golden Lotus video slot game. With two progressive jackpot prizes, your chances of winning a jackpot prize are doubled!

Golden Lotus Slots' Key Symbols

While Golden Lotus video slot offers traditional poker symbols of the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace that all offer lower prize levels when they appear in the same row, it's the Chinese symbols that deliver the biggest and best prizes.

Watch for the white lotus symbol. With the white lotus, you get free spins and multipliers that increase free round winnings by up to five. The golden lotus flowers triple your winnings and trigger the bonus game.

During free rounds, not only are your prizes multiplied, but all white lotus flowers change to golden lotus flowers allowing you to win larger prizes and a higher chance of entering the bonus Chinese Garden game.

Win Big in the Chinese Garden Bonus Round

If you get three or more golden lotus flower symbols, the bonus game begins. During the bonus game, you pick four lotus flowers from the eight shown in the Chinese flower garden. With every lotus picked, prizes are revealed. You may win free spins or be awarded with multipliers of 5, 10 or 100. Your $20 prize quickly could become a $2,000 prize by picking the right lotus flower.

Play Golden Lotus Slots Today

Do you love Flower Power Slots ? You'll love Golden Lotus video slot even more. The jackpot prize at Golden Lotus video slot is completely random. You could spin the colorful reels for the very first time and walk away with a wallet full of cash. With little to lose and plenty to win, you'll want to try this mysterious Orient-themed slot game.