Deal Or No Deal Classic

Most of the information about Deal or No Deal Classic from Virtue Fusion Limited emphasizes that the online version is a fixed-odds game based on the very-popular television show. *Attention gaming-news fanatics - Virtue Fusion was acquired by Playtech Limited, one of the top software providers for the gaming world. Playtech's work reaches into the online world, television and into gambling at live casinos. The reach of this industry leader promises to put the game on the menu for thousands of new players.

The online version operates in much the same manner as the television program, according to TV folks and those who have experienced the Internet version. Developers expected a warm welcome for the new online game and early indications are that these expectations will be met.

Basic Structure

In simple terms, the idea behind the original television version was that players were faced with a number of boxes or cases that represent various amounts of money. These figures were not visible to the player until he or she chose to open the case. As the cases or boxes are opened the amounts are eliminated from the display board. A banker offers them a deal based on which figures are taken away.

When a player chooses to try the online version he or she will be involved in a bingo-style game that also has fixed odds. Even though the television version technically isn't "bingo" the Internet-casino game does adhere to the original guidelines quite closely. Several online media sources have quoted Virtue Fusion CEO Bob McCulloch stating that feedback on the new game has been "very positive." He added that the online version closely mirrors the television show and is "highly entertaining and playable."