Lucky 7s Slots

Lucky 7's slots is a game really all about 7's. It is a well known fact that the number seven is lucky for many people, when you look back in history seven has been a very important number. In fact there are seven hills in Jerusalem the religious capital of the world, there are seven ancient wonders of the world and seven modern wonders of the world so when you log into a game of lucky 7's you know you are logging into a game of luck. This can become your very own seven wonders of slots where you can win a lot more than seven dollars.

Sevens of Everything

This slots game of Lucky 7's has seven reels and seven pay lines. Gone are the boring five or three reels with standard pay lines, in this game you have seven of everything and these sevens are bound to bring you luck. It many not be lucky Monkey Slots but it is a slots game with other lucky symbols that include bags of money, gold bars, poker chips, billiard balls and of course the standard cherries. Whether you choose to download this fun slots game to your computer or play at one of the instant casino options where you play from the web browsers of the casino, you will enjoy every minute of this exciting slots game.

Betting Range for All Levels of Players

The betting range when playing Lucky 7's slots ranges from $0.01 up to $10 per coin size with the maximum bet per spin being $70. But don't despair with a maximum bet of $70 you can win 2500 coins on the maximum jackpot which is not bad when you work out what it gives you. Apart from the maximum payout of 2500 there are plenty of other handsome payouts which give you generous and enjoyable winnings to benefit from across the seven different pay lines. Of course the more lines you bet on the more chance you have of winning and bringing in more than the lucky 7 which you start with. Lucky 7's slots is a Vegas slots game and therefore also offers you the ingenious auto play option where you can set the number of spins that you want the game to run and watch the game or you can carry on with something else as the game runs. Either way you will enjoy and benefit from this exciting and novel slots game that gives you the lucky seven in every way possible.