Zany Zebra Slots

Zany Zebra Slots is brought to you by Microgaming and it has an African theme to it. This game has 11 possible winning combinations plus three reels and five pay lines. There is a 6,000 coin jackpot and a second high jackpot of 2,000 coins. Play with coin values that start at a quarter and go up to five bucks a spin with a max of five coins permitted. This makes the max wager some $25! You have two options with this slot game. You can decide to download it which is how you can really get the most that the slot game has to offer. You can also play the flash version. This requires no download but instead you play direst from your web browser. The Zany Zebra slots is a traditional slot machine and without the extra bells and whistles you can play the game right for what it is. There is a hint of magic in the air when you play Zany Zebra Slots! In the heart of Africa, running free with the zebras and the lions!

Keeping it more than simple!

Symbols on the reels include Zebra, Bell, Seven, and Bars. The Wild symbol is the Zebra and it can be swapped for any other symbols to create more winning combinations. There is no scatter symbol, no multipliers, and no bonus games. Three Zany Zebras on the fifth pay line is an automatic jackpot win provided you are playing the max wager.

Extra Spiffs

Some of the features that are added as little extras include the auto play feature. This feature is a very well liked extra that allows for hands free gaming. You set the machine to play for as many spins as you would like. Then you can actually walk away from it and tend to something else without having to miss a spin! The Stop Skill feature is also available in Zany Zebra Slots!

If you do not play it then you can not win! Never underestimate the power of simplicity. This is what Zany Zebra slots brings you as it is a very traditional slot game that is ideal for new players who might get confused with all of the extras or for no nonsense players that like to spin the reels and what you see is what you get. Make sure you play it.