Hot 7’s Slots

Hot 7’s Slots
If you want to keep things simple when you are playing online slots and the idea of going back to a three reel game sounds good, give the Hot 7’s Slots game a try. You can download and play it for free or play for cash if you like, so you have two chances to see what you think of it. Let’s take a look in more detail to find out what it has in store for you.

Three reels to spin and one payline available

There are no multiple paylines to try and get the hang of here. This makes the game easy for someone who hasn’t played online slots before, or is trying slots for the first time ever.

Watch out for the lucky 7’s

This is where you have a chance to win it big with the Hot 7’s Slots, which is why it has this name. There are blue sevens and flaming red sevens to spot, and depending on how many you get and where they show up on the screen, you could win a big prize.

To qualify for the jackpot you need three red sevens in a row with the maximum bet placed as well.

Bet from fifty cents upwards

This game requires you to bet fifty cents a go, and you can place up to five bets for each spin. This means your maximum bet per spin will be $2.50.

Make sure you know how many fifty cent bets you are placing each time. If you hit the ‘bet max’ button you will automatically place a $2.50 bet on the next spin. To reset to a fifty cent bet on its own you need to click on the ‘bet one’ button.

Play for fun to get the hang of it

The great thing about this game is that you can play for free with play money before you try it for real. If you are new to online slots or you simply want to play for entertainment, try the free version first. Once you are familiar with all the symbols and the way everything works, you can think about progressing to the paid version.

Whatever you decide to do there is no doubt that the Hot 7’s Slots is an exciting online version of the classic one armed bandit slots machine. Give it a try today.