Harbour Master Slots

Welcome to play at Harbour Master Slots! Perched with a bird's eye view on the hub of the small seaside town's little port, the Harbour Master misses nothing.Wager Gaming Technology has decided to add a slot more on the simple side of life to its long list of available games. The game itself has three reels and just one payline. It is all on the same screen, no flicking through reams and reams of paytables or rules. The paytable is on the right and the reels on the left. Below the screen shows a busy harbour, but this harbour reflects leisure boats of all shapes and sizes milling around while others wait to be taken for a spin.

Reading the seas

The Harbour Master's control panel sets the bet size and all the other functionality and preferences. To the left the coin size can be changed by clicking the left and right buttons. Starting from 10c the coin value can be increased all the way up to $10 with varying values in between.

The autoplay button is the next on the control panel from the left hand side. Press this when you have made all the necessary adjustments. Moving on towards the right you scan over the Bet One button. Click here to add one more coin to the total bet or select the Bet Max button further to the right to play the maximum of 5 coins on the single line.

Understand the rest of the slot by taking a look at the paytable on the right. The first column contains all the possible winning combinations. Each of the next five columns represents each coin that is bet on the single payline. For each of the symbols the win increases in equal increments with each coin bet - with the exception of the compass. This is the highest value symbol and while each additional coin placed on the line pays out an additional 200 coins until you get to the 5th coin. The difference between playing 4 coins and playing 5 coins is not 200 coins, but rather 700 coins, paying out a jackpot of 1500 coins.

On the highest coin size the jackpot is $15 000 and can be won on a bet of $50 a spin. For this game play either 1 coin or the full five coins. Playing in-between will offer no additional reward other than winning faster with higher wagers.

Don't rock the boat

The Harbour Master's clock is the wild symbol and replaces any other symbol on the reels to increase your chances of hitting a winning combination. The clock also pays no matter where it falls and pays for every single symbol that appears even if it is only one. Besides the clock there are only 4 other symbols. The compass has been taken care of already and pays the jackpot. Other symbols are little yachts, a pair of binoculars and luxury cruise liners.

For the love of the sea

Play Harbour Master slots for the sheer thrill of winning the big jackpot. For $50 a spin this is a great game to back up your balance and set the game on autoplay and spin to your heart's content.