Slot Machine Tournaments

You love playing slot machines, but you thrive on competition. Slot Machine Tournaments are a fun way of adding excitement to your online gaming experience. Online casinos are now offering Slot Machine Tournaments. And Slot Machine Tournaments are also a great way to control how much you risk in a single game, since the losses are generally a fixed amount. No one has a bottomless income and no one wants a limit on their entertainment. Slot Machine Tournaments are a great way to prolong your slots playing. Simply put up the entrance fee or choose a free Slot Machine Tournament and you don’t have to worry about going over budget. This is an opportunity no slot player can miss.

How to Play

The time is set on the clock. You start with a number of credits. Ready. Set. Go. Use up all your credits and accumulate as many points as you can before the time runs out. All the while, other players are trying to beat your score. The credits you use are deducted as you go. Play fast. Speed counts when you hit the spin button! The credits you win are kept track of by a separate meter. Time’s up! The machine stops. Your credits are totaled. Most tournaments are a series of fifteen- or twenty-minute sessions. Points from each session are added. Be one of the top scorers to win. The faster you play the better chance you have of coming out with the top score. Sometimes, rather than having a set time period for the tournament, there is a set number of spins you can play.

Each Slot Machine Tournament is organized around one slot machine. So you’ll be playing your favorite slot games with the added excitement of competition. Choose games you love or get to know new games before you engage in combat. Dr Love Slots Fat Cat Slots, and Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots are just some of the titles you’ll find. The prizes range from $5 000.00 to $100 000.00 to a chance to take home The Pot.

Free Slot Machine Tournaments

Some casinos offer Free Slot Machine Tournaments as a “Thank You” to you for choosing their casino. These are run in exactly the same way as the entry fee variety of tournament; the only difference is that there is no entry fee.

To qualify for Free Slot Machine Tournaments varies between casinos. Some offer Free Slot Machine Tournaments to club members and VIP players that usually earn their status by playing a certain amount. But a few online casinos offer Free Slot Machine Tournaments alongside their entry fee Tournaments. Liberty Slots casino offers Free Slot Machine Tournaments every week this month with the prize being $5 000 as well as Slot Machine Tournaments with buy-ins beginning at $1.