Gypsy Queen Slots

Slip into the neat caravan under the moonlight and behind the thick, red velvet curtain to let the Gypsy Queen reveal your fortune in the candlelit room where the purple crystal ball glows dimly under the gypsy lady's graceful hands. Every so often you can hear the shimmer of the tambourine as a depiction hits a high note.

Have a gaze at the crystal ball or let the Gypsy Queen do a tarot card reading for you. If palm reading is your thing play along and you may just be in for a big surprise. The graphics are attractive and mesmerizing with blends of purple, yellow and orange, a typical sight as the sun goes down. The pretty gypsy and the violins playing in the background leave you wishing for a lifestyle as carefree and light hearted. If only this was all there was to life.

What does the future hold?

Everyone will love this game because the spin variation is adjustable from just 20c right up to $200. Set the coin size from 1c up to $1 and increase the coins per line up to the maximum of 10. No matter how much you bet your win will always be directly proportional to it. The higher you bet the faster you win so there are no disadvantages whatsoever to playing low at this slot.

The bonus hunter strategy would be to reduce your coin value to its lowest and activate all paylines with just one coin each. This will buy you more spins. The more you spin the closer the law of averages will get you to playing the bonus round.

The jackpot hunter strategy will see you betting max on a large bankroll. The jackpot is 2,000 coins set at the max of $1 and then multiplied by 10 coins per line can see you pocketing a mind reeling $20,000.

All the tricks of the trade have a story to tell, do you want to hear it?

The Gypsy Queen logo pays the jackpot of 2,000 coins. The Gypsy Queen with her spread of cards is the next highest value symbol paying 1.500 coins for each coin placed on that line. The top two value symbols work together to pay out in combinations of each other too just so that don't miss out on some potentially top wins.

Rose's crystal ball puts out a dim purple aura while the skulls below it glare menacingly at anyone wanting to take a peak. This symbol is the scatter symbol and pays regardless of where on the reels it lands. When at least two crystal balls land right next to each other you will be led inside the caravan to have your fortune told or you can choose the free spins option. Other symbols include the dagger and the black cat as well as a collection of tarot cards shown face up.

Is great wealth just around the corner? Find out...

The Mystery Bonus Feature will get you your cards read by Rose the Gypsy Queen. You are taken inside to a table where Rose is holding a spread of cards in her hand so that only she can see it. She has another 6 lying face down on the table in front of you. Choose a card to see what lies beneath. Keep choosing until you are prompted to stop. Your rewards vary from free spins to cash prizes.

The scatters are also the key to the free spins. They need to be right next to each other to switch you from regular mode to free spins mode. 2 crystal balls will set off 12 spins, while 5 in a row will award you with 30 free spins during which all wins are tripled! Hit the jackpot in this round and $60 000 is yours.

Gypsy Queen has spoken

What mystical secrets are about to be revealed? Ask the Gypsy Queen to look into her crystal ball for the answers that you yearn so much for. Find out when you download the software and play Gypsy Queen.