California Gold Slots

Break out your pick and load that donkey, we're going prospecting. The gold is out there and just waiting to be found by one lucky, hardworking miner. The beauty of California Gold Slots is that you really can find the mother lode when you spin the big one and rake in the rewards. This vibrant 5 reel, 25 payline bonus slot is a relatively new release for Vegas Tech. With a great line up of rich and colorful characters, the story and accurate forty-niner atmosphere will draw you in and get you digging for gold straight away. You won't need TNT to blow open this baby, just keep spinning your way to the big win. Check out California Gold Slots at LibertySlots Casino for this and hundreds of other amazing slots.

The Tools of the Trade and the Heart of the Matter

They say there are only two things you need to mine for gold; a sharp pick and pure heart. The same goes for the California Gold slots (minus the pick). This game has all the necessary elements to make sure you'll be living in the world of the prospector. Here is the check list of symbols to learn before heading out on your journey. Of course you've got the crazed Miner working days and nights to find his riches. He acts as the substitute and also triggers the Bonus round. He's digging for the Gold Nugget. When he hits that nugget 3 times on one spin it triggers the Free Spins, tripling all wins. Just keep an eye out for the Bandits lurking behind the rocks looking to steal your haul. You've also got the gold map, mines, lanterns, pans and gold filled carts. Everything you need for a successful expedition.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize at California Gold Slots

The California Gold Rush may have petered out quickly, but those heady years in the middle of the 19th century are what myths are made of. The power of gold was, and still is, strong enough to pull the masses all the way around the world to seek out their fortune. As Howard said in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre: "I know what gold does to men's souls." It makes them obsessed, and you'll be obsessed with California Gold Slots from the first spin. Download Liberty Slots Casino today for your chance to discover hidden treasures and make your fortune.