Thanksgiving Slots and Bonuses

While most people relate the Thanksgiving holiday to turkey and traditional Thanksgiving sides, the Thanksgiving origin means more than what's on your Thanksgiving menu list. If you have no idea what the meaning of Thanksgiving has to do with and the only thing on your mind are Thanksgiving menus and your grandma's sides for Thanksgiving, you're not alone. Most people can't even remember where they were for Thanksgiving 2019, let alone what that monumental first Thanksgiving meal was all about.

So, what is Thanksgiving Day? Where was the first Thanksgiving? What day does Thanksgiving fall on this year?

While the exact date changes annually, mark your calendar because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It was first started as a harvest festival to give thanks for the harvest itself. Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" the three day meal in 1621 that was attended by the Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes With A Side of Slots

Thanksgiving Bonuses: The Best Thanksgiving Sides