Break da Bank Again Slots

If you want to play a slots game that is dripping with opportunities to win cash, try the Break Da Bank Again slots game. Everything about it - the theme, the graphics and the music - plays to the idea of winning money. You'll also love the extra features in the game, because they really add to the excitement you'll feel in playing it.

How do you play the game?

There are five reels here and nine paylines to wager money on. You can bet anything from one cent to twenty five cents on the game, so it is worthwhile figuring out how far your budget will go if you bet on all lines. This will give you the best chance of a win each time.

You can also use the autoplay feature to set up your preferences and play several spins in a row.

What symbols should you look out for in the game?

The logo for the Break Da Bank Again game is used as the wild symbol, which counts for other symbols and also bumps up your winning amount on a successful line. For instance you will get five times as many winnings if it stands in for a winning symbol on a line.

There is also a scatter symbol in the form of a safe, so watch out for that one too in your combinations.

Is there a bonus round to play?

Watch out for the scatter symbol here, because if you get three of them as a minimum you will see that you've got the ability to go into the Free Spins bonus round.

This gives you free spins and enables you to try and rack up winning amounts without having to pay for the spins. You will get a varying number of spins depending on how many safe symbols popped up on the reels to unlock the round in the first place.

Try out Break Da Bank Again slots today!

This game is a sensational one to play and it has plenty of excitement and thrills in store for you as well. If you haven't tried it before you will be impressed with the graphics and the smooth appearance. Download it and play it today and see if you can break the bank! You could be glad you tried it and you will definitely be back to play it again in the future too.