Age of Spartans

Age of Spartans has gained its popularity in the world of online slots. It is not the most entertaining video slot out there, but its animations, music, and name do their share of attracting thousands of players online. But what it definitely excels in design it lacks on playability - a little. There are no bonus games or entertaining video sequences unfortunately. Only a few short videos every time the scatters are activated. The association with the movie 300 is obvious, without being a franchise from it.

As a high point, players do have the chance of winning a $12,500 jackpot. Age of Spartans is a product of the gaming software Bet On Soft, and it is a 5 reel and 9 pay line slot game too.

Design and Graphics

Age of Spartans owes its popularity to the world famous movie 300; the slot game not only emulates the Spartan military theme but several of the most remembered scenes from the movie. When pay lines are activated we see a lot of Leonidas shouting "Spartannn!" with his army responding in chorus from behind. And there is another pay line showcasing a Spartan clearing his bronze shield from dozens of arrows with his sword, clearly one of the best scenes from the movie.

The outline is not that impressive compared to other video slots. It tends to look runic and ancient, and thus slacks some detail. Leonidas is clearly depicted and his wife as well however. The runes on the reel side are supposed to be the main gates into the Spartan homeland, where the 300 Spartan men made their stand.

Symbols vary from Spartan military weapons to the well-known slot letters made from wood and metal. Here is a list of symbols:

  • Spartan red war flag. An army of Spartans stands behind in closed ranks.
  • Spartan wife. We are guessing this character comes from Leonidas's wife, the queen. When activated, she will sing into the sunset a sad song for her husband.
  • Shield and sword. The sword is a slight variation from the lance which is more predominant in the 300 movie. Spartans actually preferred the lance from the sword as it was their only long range weapons; Spartans believed the use of arrow to a weapon for weak fighters.
  • Leonidas. A firm helmeted Leonidas stares right at you. This symbol is the scatter symbol and multiplies your winnings. Leonidas will shout the war cry "Spartan!" and his army will respond back.
  • The warhorn. A nice rimmed war horn held high on the air. No winning combination activated it, but it sure looks special in between all the other symbols.
  • Spartan helmet on lance. Not really sure what this symbol is supposed to mean. A fallen soldier mark perhaps?
  • Letter A.
  • Letter K.
  • Letter Q.
  • Letter J.
  • Number 10.
  • Number 9.
The most impressive video sequence is when Leonidas clears his shield from dozens of arrows.


There are a no scatter symbols on this slot game, but several wild cards that activate video scenes and free spins. There is no bonus round on this game either, or video sequences, but a chance to win $12,500 dollars from the jackpot.

Betting Options

Players can bet from a range of $0.01 coins to a max amount of $11.25 coins. Betting lines go from 1 to 9. The max bet covers 49 combinations activating all 9 reels. An auto bet can be programed to more than 100 sequence bets, a nice tool for resting your thumb.

The most important symbols from this game are Leonidas and the sword and shield. From these two the most important is Leonidas. Not only is this the wild symbol which acts as a joker replacing any other symbol, but it pays double. 5 simultaneous Leonidas will give you the chance to win $10,000 dollars or more. The sword and shield are more difficult to line up in a row of 5, three or four - for a total of 15 free spins. During free spins all winnings are tripled!

A Final Thought

Age of Spartans slots is more appealing for its name than for what it really is. It slacks entertainment but it is worth a few spins to enjoy the few video sequences and a big jackpot. The game could have been much more with a bonus round and higher background detail however, yet, still a good game to play now!