Swept Away Slots

Swept way slots offer themed gaming with the emphasis on a feeling of be swept away to an awesome seafaring far-flung island, how one gets there depends on your imagination, either by traveling on an ocean voyage to discover that paradise island or being shipwrecked and left to fend for oneself in paradise location. Download this theme at our favorite online casino and search for the hidden treasures.

The Swept Away game plan for the Treasure Island

Your treasure hunt begins with the choice of coin value from ten cents up to ten Dollars. This three reel single payline game is worth play to the max bet because the third coin offers extra money. Once you get those reels spinning you could land on that treasure trove. You can choose one or two coins by betting on the bet one button this is situated on the lower part of your screen, look for it just below the reels. If you want to bet the maximum of 3 coins then click the Bet Max button.

The treasure hunt begins with the right symbols

The background of the game is golden beaches with blue waters. The main logo is a classic picture of a small island, with a palm tree and the inflatable raft to complete the picture. The inflatable raft is also one of the symbols but you don’t win anything with them, you will find them colored red, yellow and blue. The wining symbols are the SOS symbols; you have a selection of a single SOS, a double SOS or a Triple SOS, together with a camp fire and the swept away logo.

The bonus and jackpot are what to aim for in this treasure hunt

You need to watch for the scatter symbol, this is the swept away logo, each time this appears you will get a payout. Remember playing the max gives you extra money for the third coin. If you hit three Swept Away symbols you will hit the jackpot of 4,000 coins. Added to this if you come across these three Swept Away symbols on any place of the reels, you will hit the second highest jackpot of one thousand coins. Three fires with 6 coins for any three bars or one Swept Away symbol will net 300 coins placed in any position.

If a winning combination comes up the Swept Away logo will flash at the bottom of your screen informing you of your win.