Sumo Slots

Welcome to Sumo Slots. Sumo slots is most exciting 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine with amusing and animated sounds. Obviously, it is sumo wrestling inspired, however you need know nothing about Sumo wrestling to enjoy this exciting game, complete with user friendly software. You'll love this game.

How to Play Sumo Slots

You may play Sumo Slots any value coin of your choice from 1 cent to $10.00. Also, you may choose any number of play lines you like. Obviously, the more play lines chosen, the greater the opportunity to win greater rewards. The more you line up in a row, the better the prize. Should you have multiple winners on the play line you will be paid the very highest win on that particular pay line and the subordinate winners are eliminated.


Start with your own budget. You have 5 reels and 25 play lines, however, you decide the value of the coins to select. You decide how many pay lines to play. You will set your own pace. At this point, you will develop a knack for the game so that you can increase your bet and win more.

What are you lining up left to right?

For example, line up A,K,Q,J,10 or line up a variety of Japanese graphic combinations, including stars, referees, ringmaster, the geisha and many aspects of Japanese culture. The greater the matches, the greater the prize. Remember the sumo symbol is always wild and substitutes for all pays except scatter. It's an exciting crazy casino because one can win by getting two or more scatter symbols on the reel. Get three or more symbols in a row and you're promoted to the bonus round.

Know the Symbols

1. Look for the Sumo wrestler symbol. The Sumo wrestler is wild (it can substitute for any character except the trophy) 2. Keep an eye out for scatter symbols - that's your trophy.

Bonus Round

Get nine trophies in the bonus round and win 9 prizes. Whenever the wheel stops the spin, the combination and pay lines are checked by the system and the payouts are rewarded.

Also, one may choose to select Auto Play. This exciting feature allows one to accelerate the process of a series of games with a predetermined number of spins and play lines and you're off. Some slots provide "pick a Box" bonus, others offer free spins - either way, it's to your advantage. That's not all,some of these crazy casino sumo slots offer you free money when you make your first deposit, some even offer free money for additional play.

Here's more good news: some sumo slots provide a free practice mode. That does help, doesn't it?

  • The key is to look for symbols which can appear anytime, anywhere. Should the trophy appear on an inactive play line can still pay out.
  • 2 or more scatter symbols on the reels will create a payout.
  • 3 or more trophy symbols takes you to the bonus round. Load up and prepare for the bonus.
  • get 9 trophies in the bonus round and win 9 prizes.
  • Line up live sumo and wing big!!!!
  • Increase your chances of winning by playing multiple lines.
So, what are you waiting for? Download sumo slots, open an account now and join in on the excitement!