Golden Buffalo Slots

Since the buffalo is highlighted in the Golden Buffalo slot game title, it’s no surprise to spot one during the game itself. That’s why we have marked this down as an animal-themed slot already – we’re not giving much away in saying that.

But what else might you spot in this game? Could you end up seeing some cool features as you play? Could you see many ways to collect prizes? Let’s see what else this game holds in store for us.

Do we know who created it?

Yes – Bovada came up with the idea behind Golden Buffalo.

It comes with a demo too

You can never guarantee finding a practice version of any slot you like the look of. However, you can find one in this case, so you can try it first.

We have already revealed the theme

Buffalo feature as the main attraction here, along with several other animals that mark this out as an animal-themed game. You’ll play along in the wild setting they all live in.

Does it have a strong design?

Yes, we think so, and we like the circular design of all the symbols with animals in them. Yes, you will meet other animals here including an eagle and a wolf. The lower-placed symbols are all taken up by the usual card icons – something we are never keen on.

How to start playing the Golden Buffalo game

The design here is larger than you might guess – offering a 6 x 4 format rather than the usual 5 x 3 one. You cannot count on having any progressive prizes, but with all those symbols appearing on each spin, any prizes won do show up sharply on the reels.

There are two symbols to look for above all others. One says WILD and the other says BONUS, although the second one behaves in the scatter role. The wild has some mountains shown in it, while the scatter simply says BONUS.

Betting on the available paylines

You get 25 lines here, so there are plenty to cover.

Is this an affordable game to try?

The coins range from a penny to a dollar, so yes, we believe it is. You can only play a single coin on each payline too, so there are limitations here offering a maximum bet of $25 per spin. Of course, the cheapest wager is a quarter.

Don’t skip the paytable

This tells you more about the game before you begin playing it. We always review this first even if we do not intend to go beyond the practice version.

No bonus feature here

Even though there is a bonus symbol, that has another role to play.

Free spins are the key

Golden Buffalo offers a maximum of 25 free games for you if you can get enough scatters to go through to this feature.

The wild symbols can appear during the free games, but they come with a perk this time around. You will see different values appearing on them – 2x, 3x, and 5x are shown in the paytable.

Now, while wild prizes can earn those multipliers, the big news is that those values can help in another way if you find several of them in the same prize combo. The game reveals that you could net a multiplier as big as 3,125x your wager.

RTP information absent

Bovada hasn’t given us any information on the return to player percentage in action in this game.

Our rating for this slot

We always consider all aspects of a slot before scoring it. In this case, we believe a fair score would be 7.5 out of 10. Those multipliers bring it above the level we’d score it at otherwise, as they hold the greatest potential here.

Look out for those big multipliers

It is clear that the free spin round has the greatest offer of those wild multipliers. While they are not going to appear throughout the round, and perhaps not together on a line, you can watch and see how things might turn out for you there.

The demo gives you the Golden Buffalo experience

And that is the best way to begin, as you can see whether you like the reality of the game. You can also get a better idea of how your budget might fare when playing it.

Would you play the real version?

You’ll know for sure what you think when you have tried the demo, right?

Try it on Android and iOS too

Tablets and smartphones are both fine for this, so see how the Golden Buffalo slot looks on those today.