Goldwyn's Fairies Slots

Goldwyn’s Fairies is a five reel and 20 pay line video slot game by Microgaming. Goldwyn’s Fairies can be played on mobile phones and PCs for free or for real cash. Added features in this slot game include free spins, re spins, returning wilds, and more. The theme takes place in a magical forest so the theme could be considered relaxing and cheerful.

Symbols used in Goldwyn’s Fairies include the Summer Fairy, the Winter Fairy, the Autumn Fairy, and the Spring Fairy. There are also beautiful gems as symbols. There are 2 wilds; the first one is the Re-spin wild and the second is the Free Spin wild. The wild replaces the other symbols on the reels except the Free Spins symbols.

Bonus modes include an enthralling Re-spins mode where wilds are transformed into Returning Wilds. This continues as long as the re spin wilds keep showing up. The Free Spins feature awards 10 free spins along with Returning Wilds. When the ‘Free Spins’ symbol lands on reels 1, 3 and 5, 10 free spins are awarded. There is a “but” here, of the 10 free spins, 9 use the ‘Returning Wild‘ feature while 1 is the last free spin. Returning wilds are turned into classic wilds on the final free spin or Re-spin. If a Free Spins wild or Re-spin lands on a Return Wild an extra Returning Wild will turn up on another set of reels.