Pinata Fiesta Slots

Pinata Fiesta Slots
If you long for a slot vacation where the sun always shines, the music is festive and there is fun to be had, Pinata Fiesta Slots might be your ideal escape. With colorful graphics and groovin’ music that will leave your soul dancing, Pinata Fiesta Slots at US Friendly casinos like

can help you melt your worries away and possibly help you win loads of cash at the same time!

Feel The Movement Of The Maracas: Easy Playing Tips

Even though you’ll be seated comfortably in your home or office while enjoying Pinata Fiesta Slots, you might feel the need to move to the shake of the maracas! This slot game comes with some very exciting features, such as an added credit when you win on the same combo more than once. In fact, if you win on the same combo often, you can win up to two times the initial credit given. The game also comes with multipliers, wilds and bonus opportunities which make it even hotter than the sun in Mexico!

Wilds, Bonuses And Multipliers Are Hot, Hot, Hot In Pinata Fiesta Slots!

The symbols in Pinata Fiesta slot are just as hot as the game’s theme. The Sombrero is one of the most coveted, as it’s the Wild and carries the highest payout. When players land three of these Wild symbols on an active payline, they can win 800x 1600x or 2400x. The next best symbol to land is the maracas symbols, with the double chilies symbols being third place. When players lands at least one Tequila bottle symbol on one of their active paylines, they can also enjoy a 2x their coin bet win!

The Bonus Round Gets Heated In Pinata Fiesta Slots!

When a player lands a Pinata symbol on the center payline (on a three coin bet), they are whisked away to the Pinata Fiesta Bonus Round. The Bonus Round shows the player three different personalities, with the selected personality hitting the Pinata to reveal nine candies. The player then gets the chance to click on the candies to win prizes. Each time a prize is revealed the player can keep the prize or trade it in for a chance to reveal another candy’s prize (up to two times).

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