Peek-A-Boo Slots

Peek-A-Boo slots is an exciting and simple slots game from Microgaming that offers three reels and five paylines. You may not find all of the exciting characters that appear in Freaky Fruits Slots or a Monkey Slots game but you can still find some comic looking ghost characters together with the standard bar symbols that appear in many of the three reel slots games. There are single bars, double bars and triple bars together with two different ghostly characters and the wild bright green Boo symbol. The theme of Peek-A-Boo slots is obvious from the moment you click on to the game- it is a game of friendly ghosts that come out to surprise you from time to time.

Look out for the Wild Green Boo Symbol

The wild Boo symbol can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line in addition to being the key to the largest jackpot, in fact not just the largest jackpot but the top five jackpots. When you land three of the Wild Boo symbols on the 5th payline you are automatically awarded 6000 coins which is the largest jackpot. Three Wild Boo symbols on the 4th payline gives you 4000 coins, three wild Boo symbols on the 3rd payline gives you 3000 coins, three wild Boo symbols on the 2nd payline gives you 2000 coins and on the three wild Boo symbols on the 1st payline gives you 1000 coins. In addition there are some great wins to be won when landing triple, double and single bars.

Simple and Easy to Play

Peek-A-Boo slots is a simple slots game with no hidden extras. There is no auto play but you do have the chance to play for fun or practice before you place real money bets. You can also find Peek-A-Boo slots at many of the casinos that offer an instant play version together with the traditional downloadable version. One area where Peek-A-Boo slots is very user friendly is in the coin sizes offered. You can choose coins from $0.25 up to $5 and with a maximum bet of 5 coins per spin this does give you a wide betting option and of course a wide winning range. Playing Peek-A-Boo slots does not require a lot of time or effort but the potential rewards can be stupendous so it is well worth trying a few games of this colorful slots game.