When playing at casino you need to fund your account, there are various methods that can be used depending on the casino. Each have their various choices of payment methods. At most casino you can use your trusty Visa or MasterCard, but maybe you might have issues with using your card and would like another payment method which allows your not to use your credit card direct at the same time give your more control over your money.

E-wallets are becoming very popular

Many casino cater for USA players and there are several ewallets for them to use one of these ewallets is Pasteandpay. Paste and pay can be use at various gambling sites from casinos to poker rooms, check the casino you wish to wager your money for the method best suited to you.

One of the methods that is becoming very popular with many gamers, is a prepaid ewallet card, these can be bought using your credit card, and then used on the casino or gambling site of your choice. There are several different one and each works a little differently. We would like to discuss Pasteandpay ewallet in this review.

What is an e-wallet?

Ewallet is a contraction for Electronic Wallet, they have become one of the most popular method of funding a casino. Ewallets will act as an safe and secue intermediary between you and your funds. Give you more control over your money and removing temptation to over spend at a casino.

How to fund and use Pasteandpay

To use Pasteandpay you will need to register on the website. The registration process is easy and free, there are no monthly levies or annual charges when using this method. Pasteandpay might ask for some documentation in order to verify your account. By verifying your account you will remove the restrictions placed on unverified membership status.

They have a four step process to opening the account:

1. Register with our personal details as requested in the registration form. You will need to give your social security number or passport number for this registration process.

2. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address that you give on the registration form. Please make sure you use a valid e-mail address.

3. Once you receive the e-mail you will need to verify the e-mail address by clicking on the link in the e-mail which will return you to the Pasteandpay website.

4. And the fourth step is to register your credit card. Your credit card will be used to find the Pasteandpay that your purchase. You will be given a choice of creating a promotional voucher on the site or you can create your own voucher to the value of your choice. Choose the type of card you are using, Visa MasterCard and enter your CVV number, you will find that at the back of your credit card, it’s a 3 digit security number that all credit cards have. Once the voucher purchase is complete you will receive a 32-bit unique pin number by e-mail. Keep this safe and use it to fund your casino account. Once the voucher has been redeemed b using it on the casino website it will be removed from your Pasteandpay account.

Your status is available at all times

You can view the status of you account on Pasteandpay any time you wish the status of the account is available 24/7. Using an e-wallet means that you do not spend more than you have allocated on the e-wallet voucher. You will not be easily tempted to just re-fund you casino account from your credit card when you are on a losing streak. You also ensure that your credit card remain anonymous on a casino’s website.