Apollo Slots Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

When a casino uses the word slots as part of its name, it means you're going to get tons of slots to play there. So, when you arrive at Apollo Slots, you can expect to see lots of slots of all kinds covering all manner of themes.

One thing you can expect to see when you arrive are lots of signs of one famous software developer - Real Time Gaming. You might know them as RTG, since their name tends to get shortened to this.

Three things to know about any no deposit bonus codes you find

Firstly, they can go by other names. Watch out for free chips, for example, which could be valued at any amount. The casino is targeted to South Africans, so that could well mean you see the amounts written with a capital R in front of them. That stands for the South African rand, the currency in use in that country.

Secondly, you may well need a code for each deal - but don't count on it. Some deals are easy to claim without a code being required. This might mean simply fulfilling the terms of the code as you go through the cashier process on the site - or even just signing up for a new account if it is a new member deal.

Thirdly, those free play codes could give you the chance to try more than one slot game from RTG. We mentioned that Apollo Slots does focus heavily on slots (although they do have a nice mix of other casino games available too). If you have ever wanted to try some RTG slot games, now is your chance. Very few bonus codes are restricted to a named game. It can happen, especially if they have a new slot to promote. Bonus chips are the ideal way to do that, as they give you some free spins on those games. Mostly, though, the games are free for you to choose from.

Apollo Slots delivers the opportunity for you to hunt for the best slots to play

And if you can do that with the aid of a bonus or two, why wouldn't you look for some?

The site has all the supportive features you could expect to find, with lots of superb games to be discovered as well. Why not check it out when you get the time?