Jungle Jim Slots

Jungle Jim Slots
If you are a fan of adventure that is reminiscent of the old Indiana Jones movies with a little of the George of the Jungle cartoons thrown in for good measure, try Jungle Jim Slots , it may well become your favourite online slots choice. From the moment you start the game, you are greeted with jungle sounds, including the typical tribal drums and music similar to what one hears in the movies.

Exceptional Eye-Catching Graphics

Jungle Jim Slots is a five reel, fifteen-payline slots extravaganza that features a character called “Jungle Jim”. Jim is a comical character who swings on vines like Tarzan, then tumbles to the ground. He is the main character in this fantasy jungle adventure, and is joined by an old Professor and an assistant called Susan. All of these characters are well represented on the reel symbols. Other symbols include some wonderfully drawn cartoon jungle animals such as a snake, an alligator, a blue-black panther, a red piranha fish, and a purple spider. The man-eating plant reel icon is especially well designed.

Win Big with the Scatter and Wild Symbols

Jungle Jim slots features both a Scatter symbol and a Wild symbol. These special symbols allow slots fans to win the highest amounts the game has to offer. Five of the Wild symbol, which has a background of palm trees on a grassy knoll and the word “Wild” equals a jackpot win. Three or more of the Scatter symbols sprinkled anywhere on the reels nets the player a very nice win indeed.

The Gator Alley Bonus Game

The Bonus game in Jungle Jim slots is one of the high points of the entire game. It is called Gator Alley, and in order to play the bonus, players must get three of the Bonus symbols in a row on a payline that is enabled. The Bonus symbol is easy to spot, for it has an alligator background and the word “Bonus” in shades of yellow and orange. Players must choose one of the alligators in order to discover how many Free Spins they will be awarded, then pick out another alligator to see which one of the multipliers they will be able to use. The multiplier won in the Bonus game will increase the winnings received from the free spins, which can be as many as fifteen.

Jungle Jim Slots Is Waiting

There are many online casinos where you can experience the fun of plying Jungle Jim slots. Many of these casinos offer downloadable software, allowing you to play the game at your leisure. Play Jungle Jim slots today – you will be glad you did!