Dynasty Slots

Dynasty Slots

Dynasty - The Slot Machine

Take a journey back to feudal China as you embark on quest that could change history. Get lost in this great new slot powered by the OddsOn software. This game takes you through the time of the Samurai and the epic battles waged for the many different emperors of the time. With amazing graphics, exciting game play, and amazing payouts, this new slot platform is the must play game of 2009. Dynasty offers wilds, scatters, and free spins as well. It is quite simple but so well designed, you can easily get lost in this outstanding new platform. Download and Play Dynasty Slots today!

Rules of Warfare

This is just like any other slot machine in the fact that it is coin based. You put in the coins and play the game. If you match symbols along the line that you paid for, you get the prize for that combination. That is all there is to the rules. There are some strategies to the game though. Many people are of the mind that the less you put in, the less you can lose. This may be true, but it is also true that you will win less. You may want to use the max bet with a smaller coin so that you can maximize your winnings. You want to have as much of the screen covered with your lines as you can get. This way, you are sure to win on at least one line and can even get several lines to pay out in one spin. By utilizing your max bet, you also increase your chances at the jackpot, which is the goal to all casino games.

Symbols of the Times

The specifics of this game are really simple and can be understood by the most amateur of players. It is a five reel machine with the usual 9 through Ace symbols, but there are some added symbols to make it interesting. Reels 2, 3, and 4 also hold a "seal" symbol that acts as a wild card. The real fun of the game lies in the emperor symbol though. If three emperors appear on the screen at any time the free spin mode is triggered. This doubles all point values and gives the player ten free spins! Other symbols include a Samurai warrior, swords, a yellow flag, and a Japanese temple. You can even play up to 25 lines on this game. Play Dynasty Slots at LibertySlots Online Casino