Blackjack Bonanza Slots

BackJack Bonanza slots are your classic three reel and single payline and three coins slots machine, it is reminiscent of the older slots machines of yesteryear, yet its payout is not yesteryear payouts. This is an Ideal slots machine for beginner to learn on.

To understand slots machines a player needs to know that not all slots are the same and there are gaming companies that have specialist themes and styles of game play. Microgaming who designed the Blackjack Bonanza slots game is one of the more popular gaming companies on the market today. They are highly respected and their slots are hugely popular. Their choice of 3 slots and 5 slots machines with multiple paylines for each game make the gaming industry more and more interesting.

How to play slots machines

There are two ways to play slots machines, by downloading Blackjack Bonanza Slots software on to our computer, registering with a casino, opening an account which you will fund with real money, read the rules and regulations at the casino, and start playing. To play you need to enter the amount you wish to wager, then press the button to spin the reels. When the reels stop the machine will read the paylines and if you hit three in a row you will be a winner, this is just the basic, there are many different combinations with different machines so be sure to read the rules to understand what the winning combinations mean. The rules will give you the coin denomination you play on the machines, if it features free spins, bonuses and which symbols are wild and scatter if any.

Download is not the only option

Microgaming also offers flash version of some of its slots games, this means that no download of software is necessary and you can play instantly, this is ideal for people who’s machines have limited capacity to store software or if a gamer does not want to have the software to play stored on their computers. Many casinos also offer a fun mode to practice before wager real money.

Black Jack Bonanza may be simple but it does hit winners

You only need to hit on blackjack and you are guaranteed a payout, so depending on the number of coins wagered the value will be increased by the number of coins wagered. Therefore, you are at an advantage if you play two or three coins each time, the second highest payout is when you hit three Blackjacks in a row in any of the positions. The other symbols consist of the standard ‘bar’ and another symbol called the Bow Tie 7; these two symbols offer the third highest payouts.

Wilds and Scatters are also featured here

The Jack symbol is the wild card which substitutes any of the symbols to complete a combination that wins. However, this Jack symbols is a dual purpose symbol as is also stands as the scatter as well which means that if it shows up on any position on the three reels it will pay out, thus the Jack symbol is a good one to watch for. The Maximum payout is quite handsome at 4000 coins when you hit the jackpot.

So, here is your chance to have some classic fun, head to your nearest Microgaming casino and look for BlackJack Bonanza slots.