Alley Cats Slots

The Alley Cats slots has all the ingredients for a veritable feast of gaming, 5 beautiful alley cats that love to bowl at an bowling alley, but not only do the like to bowl they also like to forage in the alley for their feasts. Each cat has a different color coat, white cat, grey cat, yellow cat, black cat and the brown cat the graphics are downright and positively beautiful and mouth watering for any respectable cat, not to forget that other character the cats nemeses the dog, but we all know that cats are wiley critters and they know how to get the better of a dog. The whole theme is designed to give you some cracking good fun.

Playing is easy and loads of fun

The game has enough reels with five to keep you busy plus nine paylines and 37 wining combinations - coin sizes from one penny to 25 coins, decide on the size of the coin and how many paylines you want to play on, and press that magic button and the reels start spinning to stop on your winnings which are automatically added to your casino account.

The Symbols of the game will keep you thrilled

Our cat hero’s just love to bowl and love to win by hitting a strike, yes by knocking down all the pins you hit a strike. So that what you need to do to win at Alley Cats. As for the scatter symbol you don’t need it to only appear on a payline, once three or more appear on different reels and at least one is on the first reel you are a winner.

In addition the strike symbol also activates a free spin bonus or a mystery prize bonus game. Free spins are great as you can win and not lose, as for the mystery prize; you have to play the game to find out what it is. Oh what fun!

The other symbols are the Trophy, jar of catnip, trashcan for foraging, and the veritable feast of fish and chicken, not to forget the dog who get tied up with a rope. Yip, those alley cats know how to get their knots twisted.

Our Alley Cats aim for the Jackpot

Like all slots machine if there is a jackpot then that is the prize to aim for and Alley cats had a lovely jackpot of 10,000 coins. The Maximum bet on Alley Cats if $45.00. Why not head to your favorite casino and get bowling with those Alley Cats. Download now and open an account. Alley Cats will keep you paying and enjoying for a long time.