Admirals Inn Slots

Playing a three-reel slot is easy and simple. As one of the known developers of slot games to many of the known online casinos of today, Vegas Technology has added to their list of fun and exciting online slot casino games the Admirals Inn Slots. These three-reel and 1-payline slot machine has a sea ship theme called the Admiral’s Inn. Packed with graphics and sound that complements with the theme, playing the Admiral’s Inn slot game will bring you to a place of an admiral whilst having fun and winning big amounts of prizes. Wagering starts in as low as $.10 to $10 per coins and players can maxbet up to three coins. Icons of the Admiral’s Inn Slot game include, the anchor, ships helm, shark, compass, moon, hourglass, 2-bar, 1-bar, and the journal icon. The free to download Admirals Inn Slots software makes playing this slot game easy as a snap. There is also Admirals Inn Slots Flash version that is made available to those who want to have instant play access of the said game without the hassle of downloading. These casinos also have their customer service people readily available at all times for your queries assistance.

Admirals Inn Slots Symbols and Winning Combinations

Unlike most of the online slot games that many are playing today, the Admiral’s Inn slot only has the scatter symbol instead of the wild, scatter, multiplier, and the bonus symbol. However, despite of that, winning big prizes in this slot game is not hard as you think because of the missing powerful symbols that you think would help complete a combination and generate payout. Scatter Symbol – the anchor icon serves as the Admiral’s Inn scatter symbol, meaning it has the ability to generate payout whenever is appears anywhere on the three reels. Best of all, the anchor needs not to appear in the payline to generate win. One must note also that, whenever you have regular and scatter winnings, you are being paid for both wins. The highest paying symbol for the Admiral’s Inn Slot is the three anchors icon that generates 1500 coins the moment it appears on all of the three reels. The second highest paying symbol is the three ship’s helm that has the ability to produce 150 coins of winnings if it appears three times in a single spin. The rest of the icons generate winnings from 15 to 90 coins when they appear three times in a spin.

Admirals Inn Slots Nice Features

The Admiral’s Inn Slot game has features that add up to the comfort of their players while playing and these features include the auto play and the stop spin feature. The Auto play feature allows the players to relax and unwind while betting on the game. The auto play features automated spinning. Setting the auto play is simple by easily selecting the number of coins you want to bet, select the number of spins, the time delay between each spin, and the various stop settings and you are done. After setting up, simply click the start-button and you are off. The Stop Spin is another great feature of the Admiral’s Inn Slot that allows every player to stop the reel from spinning at any time and later see if you have hit a win. Instead of waiting all the reels to stop spinning, it would be a time saver if you use the stop spin feature.