Solid Debit Card

In today’s age of the internet and online purchases, getting something done especially from an online gambling point of view is very difficult to do. Many online payment processors are now banned for US customers and customers in Canada and therefore most people that are playing at casinos will only have options of credit card deposits; deposits that cost fees to do and in some cases are eventually rejected anyway, with an additional rejection fee making its way onto your account in order to rest with the fees of the cards themselves. This is not a good way to go about doing things and the good news is that a much better way, the Solid Debit Card way, is here.

The Solid Debit Card

The Solid Debit Card is a card that you can get for free that you can then load money on and use at many places in lieu of a credit card. Solid Debit Card works exactly like a credit card of the prepaid form and therefore it really does allow you to have maximum flexibility because what is backing your credit card is real money rather than simply credit.

Easy Loading Options

There are exactly two ways for you to load money onto the Solid Debit Card and both of them are very easy to do. The first way that you can load Solid Debit Card plastic is through the use of your Visa credit card and this is something that happens instantaneously, allowing you to use your credit card to load money onto your Solid Card just before you use the card to transfer money somewhere else. The other way that you can do it is through the use of the direct bank wire, which, while not being instantaneous like the credit card, is at the same time a very safe and secure way of operating. Your Solid Debit Card will have a lot going for it if you pursue these loading options.

Activating Your Card

Activating your card is another thing that tends to be difficult with many prepaid cards, but also one that is extremely simple when considering the Solid Debit Card. You simply take your card, log into your account, answer some security questions, set some security parameters and you will be able to use your card anywhere that it is accepted. This is simply a great way to do business because you can receive, activate and load your card in five minutes and happily be on your way using your card to get anything that you might need.

Online Gambling

One of the ways in which the Solid Debit Card is extremely useful is when you are a person living in the United States or Canada that wants to deposit money into an account at an online gambling vendor. Since NETeller’s pullout of the Canadian and American gambling markets, nobody has been able to fill their shoes and while Solid Card is still not acceptable to a lot of these gambling websites, it is slowly getting there.