Bodog is a new room for poker freaks

Bovada Poker is actually Bodod Poker, but different name. The same software, the same customer support, management team and the same collection of games! Bovada is a new room for poker freaks. The game was introduced by Bovada Entertainment in 2013. A perfect place for online gambling is provided at Bovada entertainment. The online gambling comprises of online poker and online casino. Out of these, the online poker is the most favorite game amongst the gamblers. Bovada entertainment offers online championships for poker. Renowned poker players such as Evelyn Ng, Josh Arieh and David Williams are the regular players of Bovada poker. They offer some tips and special tricks to the new members of online players.

Steps to play the game online

Entering the online Bovada poker is quite easy. The person, who wants to join the game, needs to open an account firstly. The account opening is free. This comprises of a registration form that has to be filed correctly. The next step is to download the game’s software. If the newly registered member holds a high speed internet connection, then downloading takes a very short duration. After the installation the software runs automatically. An icon of the Bodog poker is created on the computer desktop. The Bovada poker game starts running, when you double click on this icon. Once the software is installed on the computer, the next sage is to play the Bovada poker game. Before the game starts, the player can personalize his game. This means, that he can choose the player name and the player image. Next time, when the game is opened, the player will be identified with his new personalized name. The player image is an optional choice. The player may choose from hundreds of images provided with the software. Mostly it is provided on the dashboard at the poker the table. The player can start playing now. At the start, simple games and bets can be chosen. Out of all types of online pokers, “No Limit Texas Holdem” is the most famous poker game. This is rather the easiest poker game to learn and play. There are basic tips provided for the new players of Bodog poker. While learning about the game one can read through these tips and the list of rules.

Earning in the Game

The new Bovada poker player is provided with 1, 000 play chips automatically. After starting the actual game, the balance of money drops to 500 chips. More money can be asked for by clicking on the tab, ‘My Account’. This is the way to play a virtual money game. In order to play with real money, different rules are followed. The player requires depositing funds at the dedicated page on the software. Click on the ‘Make a deposit’ tab and the player can deposit specific amount of money. The new Bovada poker players are provided with 50 points initially. Further points can be earned by playing Ring Games, Tournaments or on the basis of time spent for playing the game. In the Ring Games, points are allotted on the basis of raked pot. The Bodog player may enter the tournament by paying some amount of fees. Points are also earned based on the fees. The earned points can be used for buying in the tournament events. Playing online gambling of Bovada poker is an interesting game. To achieve more success, the new players are advised to learn more tricks and strategies. For this purpose information is provided in the software itself.