Three Stooges II Slots

Three Stooges II slots combines all the fun of the television show with the antics of Curly, Larry and Moe and the fun of a slot machine game. You’ll hear them calling each other knuckleheads and nitwits and shouting at one another just like you remember them. The bonus rounds have themes that surround each of the stooges. You’ll see Curly’s Cashola, Larry’s Stash and Moe’s Moolah and each includes the opportunity for players to win a large3 amount of cash.

Playing the Game

To begin playing all you have to do is select your bet and hit spin. After that you watch for one of the three bonus rounds—all you have to do is hit three matching symbols in order to enter one of the bonus rounds. If you happen to hit three Curly symbols in order to have the opportunity to enter Curly’s Cashola bonus round which will double all the prizes. In addition you will earn a free game you hit a mixture of Curly, Larry or Moe symbols while you are in the midst of the Curly Cashola round. If you hit three Larry symbols you will find yourself inside a special bonus round with 6 levels. This round works like a ladder and features 20 free games with 7x prizes, 15 free games with 6x prizes, 12 free games with 5x prizes, 10 free games with 4x prizes, 8 free games with 3x prizes and 7 free games with 2x prizes. The game itself will roll the dice in order to help you go through the prize levels. If you hit three Moe symbols you will find yourself in the Moe’s Moolah bonus round. This works the same as Larry’s bonus round except it offers an even bigger prize—even the prize ladder is bigger and includes 100 free games with 10x prizes, 75 free games with 8x prizes, 50 free games with 6x prizes, 25 free games with 5x prizes, 15 free games with 4x prizes, and 10 free games with 3x prizes.

Game Strategy and Tips

The best way to achieve the most incredible energy in this game is to hit the Autoplay button on the Three Stooges online slots game. Hitting Autoplay will cause The Three Stooges to take a break from all their physical antics and allow them to use their fingers to accomplish good instead of mischief. The Three Stooges will do all the spinning for you and with everything happening automatically you can sit back while they play the game for you.