Buccaneer Bash Slots

Set sail on a pirate’s adventure playing Buccaneer Bash slots. This RTG slot has 25 paylines, bonus features, and is a high-volatility game. Learn more about our experience playing it for the first time to get a better understanding of how the bonuses work and what you can win.

The Paytable Is Packed With 14 Symbols

Winnings are certain to impress with a variety of 14 symbols filling Buccaneer Bash’s paytable. The symbols require three or more matches on a payline.

  • Medallion – 5 to 50 coins
  • Telescope – 5 to 75 coins
  • Barrel – 5 to 85 coins
  • Map – 8 to 100 coins
  • Rum – 8 to 125 coins
  • Cannon – 8 to 165 coins
  • Jewel – 20 to 200 coins
  • Treasure Chest – 24 to 250 coins
  • Yellow Pirate – 30 to 300 coins
  • Green Pirate – 40 to 350 coins
  • Purple Pirate – 50 to 400 coins

While the colorful pirates are all female, the Wild Pirate symbols are both male. They do not pay a prize, but they do help form winning combinations and they may randomly morph into a 3 x 3 oversized wild. The final symbol is the Buccaneer Bash scatter that awards a free spins bonus round when you get three or more of them on the reels.

With any of our slot game reviews, we feel it’s important to put the game to the test and experience it as any player would. We set our bet to the $2.50 minimum and gave it 10 test spins.

  • 1st spin – 80 cents
  • 6th spin - $1.50

We only won twice, so it wasn’t the best experience we’ve had. However, that’s the fun of slot games. It all comes down to luck.

Open Treasure Chests to Reveal Your Bonus Round Boosters

When you have three, four, or five scatters on the reels, win 5, 7, or 9 free spins, respectively. Before the free spins begin, you need to play a pick ‘em game to win boosters.

Choose one of the eight treasure chests and see what you win. It might be a 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multiplier, a wild reel, a giant wild, or a skull and crossbones icon. Three skull and cross-bone icons end the pick ‘em game. Once that game ends, the free spins start.

It took us 18 spins to trigger the free spins bonus round, which isn’t bad. Our treasure chest picks added a 2x multiplier to our 5 free spins. How’d we do? We didn’t win a penny in those free spins.

The Progressive Jackpots Are Awarded Randomly

Buccaneer Bash slots has two progressive jackpots. They’re awarded to a player randomly, and if you’re chosen, you may win the Minor or Major jackpot or, even better, both at the same time.

The only way to win the progressive jackpots is by playing for real money. Demo play won’t lead you to a jackpot win. When you do play, betting options go to the maximum bet of $125. You don’t have to risk that much. Play for as little as $2.50 to win the jackpots.