Jazz Time Slots

Set your feet a taping, as you listen the to beat! It's Jazz time and you are set to have a time of your life as the game titillates your senses. Players will tune in to the music as they visit a neat funky jazz club, get yourself into the groove as you move your way to the big prizes to be had on this video slots game. If your feet aren't a tapping and you ready to be happy on this slots game then I'll be very surprised.

Jazz Time fun

Jazz Time Slots is a very modest 9 payline slot with 5 reels, and the betting size starts with .50c up to $5. you an add credits to play using the coin buttons from $1, $5, $25, and $100. There is also a Bet Max button.

Jazz Time has an old fashioned feel that is reminiscent of the old Big Bands during the 1920's through to the 1960's, that were very popular, and the symbols are the different instruments that were used in many of the well known Big Bands. This video slots has very neat clean lines and each instrument neatly placed in its own box, you will find the Microphone, an Electric Guitar, the Trumpet, a Saxophone, Bass, the Bongo Drums, and the Trombone, Drum Sticks, the Snare Drum, and the Hi-Hat symbols.

The Musical Scatters

There are three scatter symbols the Drum Sticks, the Snare Drum, and the Hi-Hat symbol, if you collect these three instruments they give you big wins, you could win up to 350 credits.

A Bonus Piano

Three Bonus Piano's found on the reels will take you to the bonus game, you will be presented with various instruments. You need to click on an instrument and it will play. If the notes it plays are good then credits will be added to your account, keep choosing instruments until you hit one that has bad note and that will conclude the bonus game. You could win up to 4,000 credit on the bonus game.

The game has a progressive jackpot that is quite impressive. Currently sitting at $121,407.20 and climbing every second. To win this you will need to hit 5 of the microphone symbols when you are playing maximum bet on all of the 9 paylines.

The Jazz Time Slots Game Story

What inspired this slots game was the wondful music of jazz greats like Loui Armstrong Miles Davis, Count Bassie, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and the wonderful music of Glenn Miller plus many others! Thus the game pays homage to these all time greats on the reels.